The Emergency Device for Seniors You Should Never Leave Home Without

There are few “best practices” when it comes to emergency medical devices for seniors. Those approaching old age might not know whether to carry a wallet card or a medical ID bracelet. Do people in crowded spaces really need a medical alert system? And, if a person has never fallen before, do they truly need added fall protection? 

There are more people over 65 now than ever before, which means it’s time to answer some of these questions. In our view, the best emergency device for seniors on the go is a combination of three items: a medical alert system, a medical ID bracelet, and a wallet card. When combined, these tools can help you access helpful, informed care when you experience a medical emergency – be it a fall, a car accident, or a heart attack.

An Emergency Device for Seniors Can Help

Carrying three items might sound like a lot of work for everyday trips to the store. We want to point out that it’s a lot easier than you’d expect. Here’s why you should always carry this combination of emergency medical devices for seniors.

·         Medical Alert System: This device is the most important. It is used to contact help in the event of an emergency. We know that some seniors will be thinking, if I’m in public, someone will see me fall. While this is sometimes the case, you never want to rely on bystanders to help you access help. Plus, emergencies can happen anywhere – in the parking lot, on the side of the road, or in a deserted aisle. Carrying this emergency device for seniors helps you to request help when you need it most.

·         Medical ID Bracelet: A medical ID bracelet is essential for seniors who have conditions that require specific medical care. These bracelets include essential medical information about chronic conditions. The space provided in the bracelet is small, so it is designed to carry only the most essential information.

·         Vial of Life Wallet Card: This card provides space to add to information included in a medical ID bracelet. Use it to list any number of health factors, like medications, allergies, contact information, and current medical conditions.


Most wear their medical alert systems and medical ID bracelets around the house. The wallet card is designed to stay in your wallet, which means it’s always ready to go. In our experience, preparing the items you need to venture out of the home is as simple as checking to see if your wallet is in your pocket. 

Find What You Need at Alert1

We at Alert1 pride ourselves on the tools we provide to seniors. We want you to feel safe and protected while moving about in the world. Our products are designed to do just that. We have two wonderful on-the-go medical alert systems: the Kelsi and the Kelsi Pro. We also have two sizes for medical ID bracelets. Our Vial of Life wallet card is free to download, and copies are provided with the purchase of a medical ID bracelet. If you want an emergency device for seniors that helps you feel secure while ageing in place, Alert1 can help.