Alert1 Vial of Life Emergency Wallet Card

The Alert1 Vial of Life is our emergency wallet card. This is smartest and safest way to keep your medical information on hand.  Aside from a medical ID bracelet, it is the easiest way for medical responders to provide you with the help you need.

With the constant medical changes and new medications, emergency wallet cards are essential for seniors. We think our Vial of Life is the best available. 

What is the Alert1 Vial of Life?

The Alert1 Vial of Life provides important information to medical respondents during an emergency. Emergency wallet cards communicate to emergency responders when holders are unable to do so. The Alert1 Vial of Life Card provides medical respondents with:

  • Current medications
  • Allergies to medications
  • First respondent contact information
  • Current Medical Conditions

 Why do you need one?

Everyone should have a Vial of Life Emergency Wallet Card. While a medical ID bracelet is great for communicating chronic conditions, an emergency wallet card can be more easily updated. As we age, our medical conditions and medications change, making it even more important for seniors to have this card.

In an emergency, being able to clearly communicate and remember medical information is difficult. Respondents need to know as much as they can about your medical history before administering treatment. The more they know, the faster they can give you the lifesaving help you need.

Many medical conditions share the same symptoms, making the illness difficult to diagnose. The Vial of Life makes any important medical information readily available to respondents.  It is the easiest way to communicate and prevent a fatal situation. 

How to Get Your Vial of Life Card

Vial of Life

Getting started is easy; all you need to do is follow the steps below:

You are done! Now medical respondents will be able to easily find your medical information.

We recommend printing and filling out a new wallet card every time you experience a change in your health. This might mean receiving a new diagnosis, finding out about a new allergy, or perhaps using a new prescription medication. This information will be important for first responders in the case of an emergency, so it is important to keep your wallet card up to date. This form is available to download for free, meaning you can print and re-print as many times as you need. 

Combine a Wallet Card with Your Medical ID Bracelet

Some Alert1 members may feel that they do not need a wallet card because they wear a medical ID bracelet. While these bracelets are essential, wallet cards provide additional context for first responders. If you have any changes to your medications, allergies, or medical conditions, it might take weeks to get a new medical ID bracelet reflecting this information. Wallet cards are free, easy to print, and take just minutes to fill out. Our medications and conditions change as we age, and only a medical wallet card can keep up with shifting health needs.