Large Stretch Band Medical ID Bracelets

Medical ID Bracelet


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  • These medical ID bracelets are made of durable stainless steel
  • 7.75" total length
  • Stretch band
  • Panel opens and closes with space for patient information

Product Description for Alert1 Medical ID Bracelets

These Large Stretch Band Medical ID Bracelets are the perfect accessory for anyone with a lasting medical condition.  When you are sick, injured, or unable to talk, a medical ID bracelet can ensure you get the correct help and treatment you need during an emergency. A medical ID bracelet is your insurance that emergency responders will give you the lifesaving treatment you need as fast as possible.

This sturdy, stainless-steel medical ID bracelet features a medical alert symbol on a flip-up tab that opens to display your condition. Stickers with listed medical conditions are provided along with instructions to “see wallet card for information.” We recommend carrying the Alert1 Vial of Life Emergency Wallet Card in addition to wearing an ID bracelet. This is the simplest way to communicate pre-existing medical conditions to first responders. To make things easier for users, the bracelet comes with a printed version of our wallet card to fill in information, such as special instructions, medical issues, your blood type, and emergency contact information.

These medical ID bracelets are designed to last and are made of durable stainless steel. The stretch bracelet is made to comfortably fit most wrists. For smaller wrists, we also offer a Small Stretch Band Medical ID Bracelet.

The medical bracelet prominently displays a red star-of-life emblem. This symbol is easily recognizable to first responders, who are trained to look for it immediately when arriving on the scene. It is standard procedure for first responders to perform a thorough check before giving treatment. They specifically look for medical wristbands and necklaces to ensure the administration of proper care.

If you have a medical condition, wearing a medical ID bracelet along with your mobile medical alert pendant is the best way to prepare for an emergency. If you are unable to communicate to emergency responders, it can be difficult to diagnose your illness. With this accessory, you will never be administered unnecessary medical treatment. Quick access to your medical ID under the flip-open tab will help prevent these mistakes.

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Tom (Member Since 9/2/2014)
I like that I can keep my medication information on me at all times in case 911 needs called and it's easy for them to get to it.
Posted on 7/31/2019