Small Stretch Band Medical ID Bracelet

Small Stretch Band Medical ID Bracelet


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  • Bracelet made of durable stainless steel
  • 7" total length
  • Stretch band
  • Panel opens and closes with space for patient information

Product Description

If you are unable to communicate during a medical emergency, a medical ID bracelet can do the talking for you. Getting the correct treatment during a medical emergency can ensure you get the lifesaving help you need—fast.  Many medical conditions share the same symptoms, making the illness difficult to diagnose. When emergency responders have no immediate access to your medical information, they need to waste valuable time identifying the underlying illness. A medical ID bracelet will minimize the time it takes to receive the correct treatment you need. This durable stainless-steel bracelet prominently displays a red star-of-life emblem on a flip-up tab that opens to show your
medical condition. Stickers with listed medical conditions are provided along with instructions to “see wallet card for information.” You are also provided with a wallet card with room to fill in personal information, such as medical conditions, special instructions, blood type, and emergency contact information. The Small Stretch Band Medical ID comes as a comfortable stretch bracelet. This allows you to easily put it on and take it off. It is tight enough to snugly fit on your wrist, making it hard to fall off, while the stretch means you can easily remove it with a clasp. This stainless-steel medical ID bracelet is strong and durable, ensuring that you can enjoy its benefits for a long time. For those with larger wrists, a Large Stretch Band Medical ID Bracelet is also available. 
Don’t take the chance of getting a misdiagnosis. Unnecessary treatment could have harmful effects on your health. Medical professionals are trained to immediately look for the red star-of-life symbol during a medical emergency. These first responders perform a thorough check for medical information before administering treatment. They will specifically look for medical wristbands and necklaces to ensure the administration of proper treatment. Not only will the Small Stretch Band Medical ID Bracelet communicate for you when you can't, the classy silver look will go with any outfit. Take it on-the-go with your mobile medical alert mobile medical alert for ultimate protection. Nobody ever plans for an emergency, so it is a good idea to be prepared.


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