Consider a Black Medical Alert Bracelet - A Stylish Option

If you’re looking for a sleek, inconspicuous way to wear a medical alert system, the black medical alert bracelet from Alert1 is a great option. Not all of our members enjoy wearing their alerts as pendants, and not all want a brightly colored wristband to accompany their alert buttons. If you’re an existing member with a PAX Plus system, our PAX Plus help button wristband is made just for you. Showerproof and with a 300 ft. range around the base unit, this is a great all-purpose tool for the careful senior.

Sometimes, you want a medical alert system to blend in with your outfit. If your style is on the subtler side, your alert system should reflect that.

If you’re considering becoming an Alert1 member, check out Kelsi Pro, our on-the-go fall detection option. While not a wristband, users can choose to wear the device as a pendant or on a belt loop.

The Benefits of a Black Medical Alert Bracelet

There are countless combinations of medical alert system wearing options and color palettes. That said, we’ve found that the classic medical alert bracelet is among our most popular options. Here are a few reasons why our members love this accessory.

·         It’s subtle. Some medical alert users feel uncomfortable when wearing a medical alert pendant. This is the classic way to wear an alert, but it is also the most recognizable. If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, a black medical alert bracelet is an excellent option.

·         It goes with everything. Not everybody loves loud, brightly colored accessories. If you want a medical alert accessory to complement everything in your wardrobe, a classic black wristband is the way to go.

·         It’s accessible. For some, wearing a medical alert system on the wrist is more accessible than wearing one around the neck. The reason is simple: wristbands don’t move around as much as necklaces. If you experience an accident and begin to panic, a wristband button may be easier to reach than fiddling for the button on your necklace.

·         You can make it your own. The blank canvas of a black or grey medical alert bracelet is perfect for personalization. Use a glue gun to attach some gemstones, or perhaps break out a silver marker to draw some interesting patterns. Make it your own. 

How to Find a Comfortable Alert System Option

Our black medical alert bracelet is only available with the PAX Plus Mobile and Home Fall Detection System. That said, we have a variety of options that can accommodate other systems. If you’re looking for something sleek to accompany your in-the-home system without fall detection, our Grey Wristband may be just what you need. Want something a bit more colorful? We also have purple and blue wristband accessories, which turn your medical alert button into a fashion statement.

No matter how you choose to wear your device, the important piece is that you’re using the system that works for you. If you don’t need fall detection technology, our in-the-home system is great. If you live a mobile, independent life, our on-the-go options may be more fitting. Remember that, no matter which alert system you choose to keep you safe, there’s inevitably an accessory to help you make it your own.