Kelsi and Kelsi Pro Protective Case and Belt Loop Adapter


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  • Protective case for Alert1 Kelsi and Kelsi Pro on-the-go medical alert systems
  • Designed to protect your medical alert system
  • Includes Velcro belt attachment
  • Provides easy access to help button
  • One size fits both Kelsi and Kelsi Pro on-the-go medical alerts


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Product Description

You chose a Kelsi on-the-go medical alert as an investment in your health and safety. no matter where you are in the USA. Protect your investment with this easy to use protective case. Simply place your Kelsi or Kelsi Pro on-the-go medical alert system inside and zip it in. Leave the lanyard on to wear around your neck, or use the Velcro loop at the back of the case to secure to your belt loops.

On your belt it is a sleek accessory – your belt button will be right at your side within easy reach in case of an emergency. The black fabric matches your black medical alert without adding too much additional bulk. Specifically designed for your medical alert, the protective case allows for easy pressing of the help button and has an additional window so you can see your Kelsi’s status lights.  You can feel secure knowing that you are protecting your medical alert while your medical alert is protecting you.

Protective Case Benefits


The protective case is soft and lightweight for protection without adding much bulk to your medical alert.

Belt Loop Conversion 

The protective case allows you to wear your medical alert system at your hip rather than around your neck.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses 

Protecting your device with this case allows you to avoid damaging your medical alert and paying to replace it. Want more protection? Our warranty plan can give you additional protection against damage and destruction

How to Use Your Kelsi Protective Case

This protective case is easy to use. Simply unzip the case, place your medical alert inside, and zip the case back around it.

You can leave your lanyard on and let it slip out of the corner of the case or you can attach a lanyard to the attached fabric loop.

To wear as a belt clip, simply pull apart the two arms of the Velcro loop at the back of the case. Wrap the two Velcro arms around your belt loop and press them together to seal and attach.

Once your Kelsi or Kelsi pro is inside the protective case, you can wear your medical alert like normal. In case of an emergency, simply press your help button. One of our Command Center operators will come on the line through Kelsi’s included microphone and speaker to ask if you need help. They have your list of emergency contacts to call and send to your location using the medical alert’s GPS systems, and they will stay on the line with you until help arrives. 

To charge your Kelsi, unzip the protective case and place the Kelsi into its charging cradle. When it’s time to head out for the day, simple zip up your Kelsi into its case and you’re ready to go!


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