Alert1 Accessory: PAX Plus Help Button Wristband

PAX Plus Classic Wristband


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  • Additional wristband fall detector for  
    Alert1 PAX Plus Mobile + Home Fall Detection System
  • Made of comfortable, soft silicone
  • Push the medical alert button, get connected to our 24/7 Command Center
  • You decide who we call in an emergency
  • Showerproof for 24/7 peace of mind
  • No Wifi or cell phone needed
  • This wristband does not include fall detection. Want fall detection?
  • 300 ft. range around base unit
  • Connects wirelessly to your base unit
  • Two-way voice in base unit. As loud as a cell phone on speaker
  • 12 x 0.60 in.
  • One size fits all

PAX Plus Emergency Alert Wristband Fall Detector Description

Improve your home experience with our medical alert wristband. The Alert1 wristband is a convenient way to wear your emergency call button at home. You’ll always stay connected to the PAX Plus mobile + home fall detection system. The wristband is comfortable and easy to sleep with. With this medical alert accessory, protection is always by your side. 
At home, this wristband fall detector is a convenient option for wearing your emergency call button. When your PAX Plus transforms into a home unit, the help button wristband keeps you connected to our services. It’s great to sleep with when you want overnight protection. The help wristband is the perfect companion to your medical alert system.

PAX Plus Wristband Benefits


The help button wristband is made of soft and durable silicone. Change the size to the length you need. One size fits all. The wristband won’t bother you during your sleep. It’s the perfect accessory for your emergency call button. This wristband fall detector is the perfect accessory for your emergency call button. You will feel safe and sound while staying comfortable. 


At home, you can keep your PAX Plus in the charging station while you wear your wristband. We made it lightweight, stretchable, and soft, so you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it. This is the perfect accessory to sleep in.


There’s no need to take off your emergency call button when showering. This wristband is completely showerproof, which means you’ll have protection in the most dangerous room in the house: the bathroom. No matter where you are, you can trust Alert1's protection.

How Does It Work?


The wristband fall detector is a companion to your PAX Plus mobile + home fall detection system. The wristband connects the emergency call button to your medical alert system. In your home, the wristband is perfect when the PAX Plus is charging or you are sleeping. There is no need to wear a necklace to bed.

If you have an accident, simply press the button on your wristband. It will signal your PAX Plus medical alert system to connect to our 24/7 Command Center.

Our friendly, US-based operator will get in touch with you through your PAX Plus.

We will get you the help you need by contacting family, a neighbor, or emergency services. We stay on the line until help arrives.

How Do I Set It Up?

It’s always important to test your new medical alert system, especially a wristband fall detector. After you have received and set up your PAX Plus Mobile + Home Fall Detection, stand around five feet away from your medical alert system. Tighten the PAX Plus Wristband until it fits snugly on your wrist.

Then, press the emergency call button. Your PAX Plus Mobile + Home Fall Detection will connect with the Command Center. Inform the operator that you are testing your new medical alert system.

If you need more help with troubleshooting, feel free to call Technical Support at 1-650-605-6652.

Why Doesn’t the Wristband Have Fall Detection?

The wristband does not have fall detection to prevent natural movements from signaling false alarms. When you’re asleep, it’s normal to move around. Fall Detection could easily signal the sudden movements as accidents. However, most users combine fall detection with this wristband to get the most convenient coverage offered.

You don’t want your sleep to be disturbed by a false alarm. The wristband makes sure your sleep is safe and peaceful. The medical alert wristband ensures there is an easy wall to call for help with a push of a button.

If you’re interested in home fall detection products, check out the complete PAX Plus Mobile+ Home Fall Detection System

Can I Use the Wristband for Another System?

The PAX Plus Wristband can only be used with Alert1’s PAX Plus Mobile + Home Fall Detection system. It is an additional emergency call button to keep you safe. You must sign up for the PAX Plus annual or monthly plan in order to use this wristband to its fullest potential. 


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Great button
Nancy (Richmond, VA)
I ordered the extra button and I'm glad I did. I like having both the fall detection necklace and the wristband.
Posted on 8/26/2014