Mobile Medical Alerts 101: Go Anywhere!

Updated 08/08/2017 4:00pm | Taking the first step to learn about medical alerts can seem intimidating. Maybe it’s a sensitive subject for Mom, who recently fell. The topic can be hard to bring up. For someone who was once independent, a medical alert system may signal slowing down. Yet, the opposite is true for those with mobile medical alert systems.

People with mobile medical alert systems enjoy all the freedoms they once did. The only difference is now they have help wherever they are. This allows them to age in place longer. Below, we break down all you need to know about mobile medical alert devices. By the end of this article, you will be an expert and mom will be on her way to aging in place with confidence. 


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First Off, What are Medical Alert Systems?

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  • Medical alert systems are designed to provide peace of mind.
  • They are pendants worn around your loved one’s neck, wrist or waistline.
  • Equipped with 2-way speakerphone, the user can connect to our operators 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • The Alert1 Command Center is always available to assist if a fall is detected or the button on the device is pressed.

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Who are Medical Alert Systems Good for?

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  • Seniors. Seniors aging in place are the first group that typically come to mind when you think of medical alerts. But seniors aren’t the only ones who use medical alert devices. 
  • Children. Does your child walk home from school alone? You can have peace of mind for them with an alert system. They will know that if something were to happen, all they have to do is press their pendant’s button for help.
  • Runners. When runners wear their help button, they don’t have to worry about running at night with headphones on. Freedom from worry is the feeling our members have when they use our alert systems.

No matter what the reason for joining the expansive community of Alert1, people are happy they do.

What are Mobile Medical Alert Systems?

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Mobile medical alerts are different from regular medical alerts because your loved one can use them outside of the home. Mobile devices allow your loved one to go anywhere with the comfort of knowing help is only a button press away.

Our home devices are excellent if Mom mostly stays at home, but what if she wants to go on a walk or to the grocery store? You want her to have access to help if anything were to happen. This is why Alert1 has mobile medical devices.  

Here’s why Mom needs a mobile medical alert device:

  • Mobile medical alert devices can be used in the home or on-the-go. There are no limitations on range.
  • Mobile medical alerts allow your loved on to go anywhere with confidence. Help is just a button push away.
  • Alert1 mobile medical alerts are equipped with GPS technology. This allows responders to find your loved one in an emergency.
  • No base station or landline is needed to use mobile medical alerts. Your loved one can talk to the Command Center through their pendant.
  • Mobile medical alerts have a long battery life. When a charge is needed, your loved one simply recharges the battery. 

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What Type of Mobile Medical Alerts Does Alert1 Offer?

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Alert1 offers two types of mobile medical alerts, the Kelsi and the PAX. Both devices can go wherever you go. The main difference between the two is fall detection.


  • When Mom’s PAX senses a fall, it notifies our Command Center right away.  The Command Center will check to see if she is OK. If she’s not OK, we send help. If we don’t hear anything on the other line, we still send help.
  • The GPS and cellular technology in PAX allows responders to locate her even if she’s lost or disoriented. Should she need help, emergency responders will be able to use the GPS technology to send help to her. 
  • PAX with fall detection attaches discreetly at the waistline or around the neck. Enjoy the freedom of living without limitation with our PAX.


  • The Kelsi is another mobile alert device that goes wherever you go. If fall detection isn’t a necessity, this device is a good choice for peace of mind at all ages.
  • Consider this device for your children walking home from school or on your night runs.
  • Kelsi is great when traveling across the country. Pack light since there is no need to charge with its 60-day battery life. 

Who’s on the Other Side of the Line?

call center.alert1
  • If Mom falls or presses the help button on her pendant, our caring U.S. based Command Center will be on the line to help.
  • After assessing your mom’s condition, our trained operators will contact the next person in Mom’s Circle of Care.
  • With Alert1, you are able to customize Mom’s Circle of Care to fit your family’s needs. We can call you first, a neighbor, or 911—it’s up to you. 

Bottom line, Mobile Alerts are Always There for Your Loved One

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Alert1 mobile medical devices are there for your loved one wherever they go. Whether on a walk, or on vacation—our devices work nationwide. Our mobile medical alerts aren’t just for seniors; anyone can use our alert systems.

Our devices offer relief to thousands of Americans, with pricing that is lower than Life Alert costs. With Alert1’s PAX and Kelsi, your family can have peace of mind. Mom will enjoy the freedom of being out and about without worrying. And you will have peace knowing mom will never fall again without help.

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