Why Alert1 Won the 2016 EMSY Award


Alert1 is honored to be the recipient of this year’s EMSY Awards in Best Medical Alert Systems. Our many thanks to Modern Senior Magazine, the host of the EMSY (Excellence in Modern Senior Yearly) Awards for awarding us the #1 spot. While there were many other medical alert systems in the running, Alert1 rose above the rest. Here’s why Alert1 was rated #1 by Modern Senior Magazine.

Why Alert1?

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As John Lee of Modern Senior Magazine writes, “We loved our experience when ordering from Alert1. Their friendly staff members answered all our questions without pressuring us into a decision”.

At Alert1, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We put our members first. We believe in treating members and employees like family.

Our employees all live here in the United States. They’re mothers, fathers, sisters, daughters, sons, and brothers. They know the importance of keeping family safe. When you call Alert1’s information line, you’ll hear a friendly voice. Talking to us is like having a chat with your neighbor down the street or with your best friend. We will help you find an aging in place solution that is right for you.

Alert1 strives to make medical alert terminology accessible to everyone. We want our members to have all the information about medical alert systems they need to help them make an educated decision. We believe that member happiness is crucial to our company’s happiness.

We Never Lock You In

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John Lee goes on to say, “Alert1 has no hidden fees or long-term contracts”. Unlike other medical alert companies, at Alert1 we have nothing to hide. We don’t like hidden fees. We know you don’t like them either. That’s why we keep our prices transparent.

We don’t know what the future holds, so we keep our pricing plans as flexible as your lifestyle. With our simple payment plans you can choose between annual or monthly billing. You’re never required to be locked into long-term contract. Not to mention cheaper than comparable Life Alert costs.

Our Medical Alerts Fit Your Needs

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No matter the payment plan you choose, you’ll have access to all our award-winning medical alerts. With our wide arrange of products, there’s an Alert1 medical alert to fit your needs. From our classic home system to our mobile PAX, we make sure help is just a button press away.

Our classic home system and home wireless system will keep you safe in and around your yard. Travel in safety from the garage to the backyard while gardening, or from the basement to the bedroom while folding laundry. With your medical alert pendant around your neck, you’ll never worry about falling while raking the leaves again.

We Keep You Safe on the Go

kelsi.alert1 medical alert systems

Do you lead an active lifestyle? Our mobile medical alert, Kelsi, keeps you safe while you’re out and about. Pump iron at the gym, and enjoy those long hikes! Your friends will marvel at your newly expanded horizons while you secretly smile. You know that you’ll stay safe thanks to Kelsi’s built in location finding system. In the event of an emergency, emergency personnel will quickly be able to determine your location and get you the care you need.  

PAX, our mobile medical alert with fall detection, keeps you centered on the go. Now you’ll never miss a Yoga class out of fear of falling, and you’ll enjoy strengthening your balance in the process.

The built-in automatic fall detection in PAX brings new meaning to the phrase “hands-free”. In the event of a fall, PAX will automatically detect the change in motion and will call the Alert1 Command Center without you needing to press your button.

Still not sure what type of medical alert you like best? We understand. That’s why we created a helpful system overview page to help you find your perfect medical alert match. 

Come Join the Family

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These are just a few of the reasons that Alert1 was named #1 by Modern Senior Magazine. Our dedication to our members and hardworking employees makes Alert1 one of the most recognized medical alert system companies today.

We have been recognized nationwide. Besides being sanctioned by Modern Senior Magazine, we are Thayer Certified, accredited with the BBB, HIPAA and PCI compliant, and recognized by AARP and The Senior List.

John Lee ends his review by saying, “With trustworthiness and affordability as their middle name, Alert1 is a great choice for a medical alert device”. To John Lee and the entire Modern Senior Magazine crew, we thank you for your fine words.

To you, dear reader, you’ve seen how Alert1 has risen above the competition and stands alone at the front of the crowd. There’s only one question left to ask. Are you ready to join the Alert1 family? We can’t wait to meet you.