After the Fall: Alert1’s Lifesaving PAX

Every year, a third of Americans ages 65 and older experience a fall. Chances are either you have fallen or you know someone who has. Falls are both scary and dangerous. But with a medical alert device, you won’t be alone in an emergency. You will get help fast and reduce your risk of serious injury.

Perhaps you’ve rejected the idea of getting a medical alert. After all, you live on your own and are independent from your family. Then you should hear Mr. Phil Ellis’ story. His harrowing experience shows how much peace of mind a medical alert pendant can bring.

A Life-Saving Device

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Ordering a medical alert device was one of the best decisions Mr. Ellis has ever made. Only a couple days after starting his service, the medical alert device saved his life.

Mr. Ellis was hesitant to get a medical alert device. He lives on his own, and is still active in his community. He felt that a medical alert device was not a necessity for him. After his daughter talked to him about the benefits of having a medical alert device, he agreed to get one.

Three days after receiving his device in the mail, Mr. Ellis was working in his backyard. He lives next to a river, and his backyard edge goes to the riverbank. There was a tree branch in the way, and Mr. Ellis picked up the branch and tossed it over the edge of his yard into the river below.  This time, Mr. Ellis went with it.

He ended up on the riverbank after sliding 20 feet down from his backyard. The slope back to his yard and safety was too steep for him to climb. He didn’t want to risk falling into the river with any attempts to climb back up.

But around his neck was his new medical alert device. Within seconds after his fall, Mr. Ellis was speaking to a trained operator who was able to assist him in getting the care he needed.

Firefighters and local paramedics responded in minutes. Mr. Ellis was brought up to his backyard with only minor scrapes and bruises. He later credited his medical alert device to saving his life. Had Mr. Ellis not been wearing his medical alert device, he would have been unable to call for help.

That’s Our PAX!

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The medical alert device that saved Mr. Ellis’ life is Alert1’s PAX!

Alert1’s PAX, or mobile medical alert system with fall detection, is a lifesaver. With state of the art technology and built-in GPS, you’ll stay safe wherever you go. Your help button’s automatic fall detection will call the Command Center after a fall without requiring you to press your button.

The call goes to one of our two TMA 5 Diamond Certified Command Centers located here in the United States. A trained operator will come on the line and ask if you are alright. If the operator receives no response, they will alert emergency personnel right away. Help is always on the way after a fall, even if you are not able to respond to the operator.

We created our PAX medical alert for extra peace of mind. Falls can cause dizziness and disorientation. With automatic fall detection, you’ll never worry about being able to press your button in the event of a fall.

That’s why PAX is our most comprehensive medical alert. You can take it on the go with you, no matter where you go. Wear it around your neck while bicycling or clip it to your belt loop while teeing off on the green. The pendant is water resistant with a long battery life, so PAX keeps up with all your activities.

Never Worry About Falls Again

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You don’t plan on a fall happening to you. You stay independent and active. You walk two miles every day, and take swim classes at the gym. But accidents happen to all of us. Avoid the stress and worry about emergencies by getting a PAX medical alert. You can stay active and independent while staying safe.

Mr. Ellis and his family never planned on his having a fall. Without his PAX, the situation could have been worse. Luckily, his Alert1 PAX was there and help was on the way in no time.

Alert1's glad that we were able to be there for Mr. Ellis and his family. We invite you to come and join Mr. Ellis as a part of the Alert1 family. We look forward to helping keep you safe.