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Alert1 is proud to announce that we have been recognized as a best medical alert company on The Senior List 2015 Recommended Medical Alert Systems.

The Senior List is a comprehensive website covering a wide range of topics relating to seniors. They provide seniors with an easy-to-use website regarding information ranging from places to travel to the best senior housing. Every year they release a list of best medical alert companies. Alert1 is pleased to say that we are one of the featured companies.

Who is The Senior List?


Founded in 2007 by Amie Clark and Chris Clark, The Senior List provides their community with information designed specifically for seniors. The Senior List has amassed a strong following. Their articles are written from an informative standpoint with the goal of educating their readers.

Reviews and comments left by The Senior List readers helps guide their published content. This helps to shape and provide a better website experience. We at Alert1 are all for furthering education. With as important a topic as medical alert systems, you want to know all you can about the company you are choosing.

Why Trust The Senior List?


With a strong reader base and community following, The Senior List allows their readers to leave feedback and information about the topics they cover. The Senior List loves any experiences shared by their readers. If enough readers talk about a new style of grab bar, The Senior List goes and reviews it. They have even changed their stance on previous recommendations due to comments left by their readers.

This culture creates and reflects a more accurate consumer experience on The Senior List website. It also establishes a base of trustworthiness with their readers. Readers share the site with their friends and build a peer-to-peer network around The Senior List.

But don’t leave it up to us to tell you all about The Senior List! Here are some facts about The Senior List from their ‘about us’ page:

  • “The Senior List is a community based website where you can find ratings, reviews, discussion, and debates about products and services for boomers and seniors”.
  • “The Senior List was founded by a team that believes transparency is the key to finding quality products and services”.

Like The Senior List , we at Alert1 thrive on consumer feedback. We value all the feedback our customers leave us, so we can create better products for our community. Alert1 believes in transparency to provide our customers with the best information on medical alert systems. That’s why we created a comparison chart to help ease decisions about medical alert systems.

The Senior List and Alert1


At Alert1, we pride ourselves on providing clear, transparent information about our products and services. We want our customers to know everything about the process to keep them safe.

While we would love to talk about ourselves all day, we’re going to let The Senior List do more of the talking. The Senior List recommends Alert1 as an "economical choice” and “A good choice for traditional, fall detection, and cellular medical alert technology”.

We believe in using state-of-the-art medical alert technology. We have top-of-the-line automatic fall detection for when you need extra security. Our mobile fall detection system uses GPS technology. Our pendants are small and indiscreet for comfortable wearing.

The Senior List adds, “No equipment to purchase and no long-term contracts make this well-established company someone to look at when making the choice of medical alert systems”.  

At Alert1, we believe in no strings attached. That’s why we like to keep our price points low and our quality standard high.

With our 6 different options for medical alert systems, Alert1 is sure to have a medical alert that is right for you. From our mobile medical alert, to the classic at-home fall detection, we will make sure that you stay safe wherever you are. Plus we stack up very well when compared to Life Alert costs.

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We encourage you to go visit The Senior List and read what they have to say for yourself. When you are ready to make a medical alert system decision, consider Alert1 and The Senior List your neighborhood experts.