The Top Questions about Alert1 Senior Help Buttons

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Updated 7/19/17 4:20pm | You probably know the basics of Alert1 senior help buttons. With unlimited emergency button pushes and talk time, we are always here for you. Whether you are experiencing a medical emergency or are frightened at night, you will never feel alone with Alert1 just a button push away.

However, you may need more information before getting a medical alert. It's okay if you're not familiar with our service. Alert1 is here to answer all your top questions on senior help buttons.

How Does a Senior Help Button Work?

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If you have an emergency, press the senior help button on your medical alert necklace or wristband. You will quickly be connected to theAlert1 Command Center. A trustworthy operator will come on the line to ask if you need help.

You will be able to tell them exactly what you need with 2-way voice communication. We will use your personalized list of responders in your Circle of Care to send you help. You don’t need to recall phone numbers in an emergency. We will stay on the line until help arrives so that you are never without someone by your side. 

We know that it can be difficult to talk in a medical emergency. You will get help even if you are unable to speak. If we cannot hear you, we will first call you to see if you’re okay, and then we will start calling your Circle of Care. We follow the procedures you set up so that you always get help quickly when you press your senior help button.

For those who are prone to dangerous falls, our fall detection medical alert can detect falls in the home and will automatically connect to the Command Center - even if you can’t press the senior help button.

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What Can I Use My Medical Alert For?

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You never want to feel alone and abandoned, especially when you are in distress. With an Alert1medical alert systemby your side, you will have easy access to our calm and comforting operators. We want to make sure you are safe - we stay with you until help arrives.

Medical alert systems are most often used for big medical emergencies, but you can call us for help with smaller things as well. Want someone to keep an eye on you as you walk out to get your mail? Frightened in the dark of night?

Locked yourself out of your home? We are here for you 24/7, for anything you need. Don’t hesitate to push your senior help button – you get unlimited button pushes and talk time. Your safety and peace of mind is the most important thing!

And the next most important thing is not paying too much. Alert1 is here to provide a cost effective option compared to Life Alert costs.

What Certifications Do Your Command Centers Have?

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We have two Command Centers so that there are always people on staff to answer your call quickly. Our agents are dedicated to keeping you safe. You don’t have to worry about waiting for an agent to finishing taking a sales call before they help you.

Alert1 is a US-based company. As part of the Alert1 family, we keep you close to home. We do not outsource your loved ones to another country. Our emergency operators are extensively trained so that they can provide you with the best possible service.

Our Command Center know how to assess every situation so that they can help keep you safe. You can trust our TMA 5 Diamond certification and UL listing – we take your safety seriously.

Do You Offer Multi-Lingual Protection?

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Yes we do! Here at Alert1 we want you to feel comfortable speaking with our operators and asking for help. The Alert1 Command Center supports 190 languages, from Spanish to Chinese to French to Russian.

Every moment counts in an emergency - there’s no time for cumbersome translations. Our operators will quickly send you the help you need. You will get the same great Alert1 protection in your preferred language.

Can You Call a Family Member Instead of 911?

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Of course! We will call whomever you would like, whether that be 911, a family member, or a neighbor. You tailor the Circle of Care responders to fit your needs. You choose who we call, in which order.

You can also set up notifiers who can’t necessarily come to your aid but want to be kept in the loop. Your daughter or son across the country deserves to know that you required emergency assistance. We make sure you get help quickly and ensure that those who care about you know about the situation.

Do You Offer Protection at Home and On-the-Go?

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Each of our Alert1 medical alert systems gives you the secure protection of the Alert1 Command Center. Whether you choose our classic home medical alert system, our mobile medical alert system, or the 2-in-1 unit, we are only a button push away, 24/7.

We take care of our Alert1 family as we would our own. You’re in great hands, and we have the certifications and success stories to prove it. Don’t worry about being alone and afraid in an emergency – we will be by your side to take care of you.

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