The Balancing Act Recommends Alert1

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Alert1 is very proud to have been recognized by The Balancing Act on The Lifetime Network. We love being able to share what our company is all about. The inspiring stories our members share motivate us to keep developing life-saving products. We are always glad to hear what could have been a harrowing experience come to a happy ending.

In our interview with The Balancing Act, we discussed the various dangers for seniors who don't have a medical alert system. Medical alert systems are recommended as the leading way to keep your parents safe while aging in place.



Dangers of Not Having a Medical Alert

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Many seniors do not realize that the majority of accidents occur inside the home. Routine household activities can become hazardous as we age. Over half of senior falls occur in the kitchen or in the bathroom. The potential of falling in the shower or while doing the dishes drastically increases with age.

Alert1 wants to help seniors stay safe in their homes. That's why after a fall, it's important to have help on the way as soon as possible. The sooner help reaches a senior who has fallen, the higher the recovery rate. Seniors who receive immediate help through the use of their medical alert are 80% more likely to completely recover from a fall. But without a medical alert system, many seniors end up on the ground for hours before help arrives. With Alert1 protection, we make sure help is on the way within minutes.

Not Just for Falls

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Have you been thinking about getting a medical alert system for Dad? Let him know that a medical alert device will keep him protected beyond falls. Here at Alert1, we encourage our members to press their button in any scary situation. This even includes home invasions or other medical emergencies.

If Dad hears a concerning noise in the middle of the night, he can press the button on his medical alert to reach an operator. They can arrange to have a patrol car sent by or to call his neighbor to come check on him.

Be Ahead of the Game


You're probably thinking to yourself, “Maybe Dad doesn't need one.” But did you know that 1 in 3 seniors over the age of 65 is at risk for a fall? That's right—starting at the age of 65. And the numbers only increase from there. With a Alert1 medical alert, you'll know that Dad always has extra protection. Even if he never has to press his button, you'll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that he's staying safe. And he'll enjoy knowing that he is saving money one us vs what Life Alert costs

Cool Accessories

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When you get an Alert1 medical alert for Dad, there's a whole host of accessories to complement his device. He'll be able to choose between wearing his button around his neck, or on his wrist. Our PAX mobile medical alert takes it one step further and adds the feature of being worn as a belt clip.

Is Dad worried that the Command Center operator won't be able to hear him? Our base stations contain very powerful speakers that resonate throughout the house. Does Dad still like the idea of extra sound support? Alert1's voice extenders are easy to install and help amplify the sound throughout his property. Dad may also like the extra buttons we have in case of an emergency. These can be placed in high risk areas, such as the bathroom and the bottom of the stairs to give him extra protection and peace of mind.

Does Dad still enjoy going to the golf course for a couple rounds? All of our mobile medical alerts have two-way voice communicators for easy conversation. In the event of an emergency on the green, Dad will be able to effortlessly communicate with the Command Center with just a push of a button.

Finally, get Dad a lock box for an extra key to the front door. In the event of an emergency, the emergency responders will be able to let themselves in through Dad's front door without having to break the lock. He can also keep his spare car key in there, and the key to the garage door.

Become Part of the Family

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When Dad joins Alert1, he becomes more than just a customer with us. He becomes a member of our Alert1 family. We pride ourselves on taking care of our family members, and we love to share individual's stories with the rest of the clan.

If it hadn't been for Becky's Alert1 medical alert, she and her grandson might not have been able to tell us this story. In the middle of the night, a fire broke out in her house. Luckily, her 13-year-old grandson Ted woke up in time and pressed the button on her base station. Within seconds he was speaking to a trained operator who promptly dispatched fire fighters and EMT to the scene.

Many of our members are happy to share their experiences with their Alert1 medical alert system as a way to say thank you. We love hearing these stories, as we pride ourselves on being able to grow to even greater heights because of the experiences our members have. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to help keep you and your Dad safe for years to come.