Don't Try to Break the Lock- Break the Mold with a Lockbox

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Sally was home starting dinner in the kitchen. She'd decided to make pasta, and had just finished filling the cook pot with water from the sink. As she's putting the pot on the stove, some water spills out onto the floor. When Sally goes to get a towel to wipe up the water, her foot slips on the spill and she ends up on the floor. Luckily, Sally has her medical alert pendant around her neck and was able to call for help. Within minutes, an ambulance was on its way to her.

Sally feels safe knowing that help is on its way, until she remembers that she locked the front door of her house. Her sister, who has the spare key, is visiting with her husband's family in Florida. The only way the paramedics are able to get to Sally is by breaking the lock on her front door.

While Sally was okay after her fall, she's now left with the headache and expense of replacing the lock on her front door. As Sally's neighbor, she's telling you all this after the fact. But you start thinking about your own situation and what would happen if the paramedics had to be called.

You remember your mutual friend Nancy talking about her medical alert from Alert1, and how she was able to order a lockbox with it. You don't know much about lockboxes, but you suggested to Sally that it'd be something to look into.

At Alert1, we know that your family and neighbors who have the spare key to your home are not always able to be there in the event of an emergency. That's why we recommend all aging-in-place seniors to get a lockbox for their home.

What Is a Lockbox?

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Quite simply, a lockbox is a small box designed to safely store a key to your home. With a weatherproof design and an easy to use lock pad, the lockbox is meant for secure outdoor access to a key in case of an emergency.

When emergency responders are called, they are authorized to enter your home by any means necessary. This could result in broken windows or doors. With a lockbox, you ensure a harmless entry into your home. You'll be able to keep the spare key to your home safe, while giving the access code to the people of your choosing.

Why Get a Lockbox?

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There are many reasons to get a lockbox from Alert1. Here, we've listed just a few of the ways a lockbox will help make your life easier.

  • Easy access for emergency personnel. When you set up your Circle of Care with your Alert1 medical alert, you can provide us with the combination. We will ensure that emergency responders receive this information in the event they have to respond to an emergency at your home. And you can always change your 4-digit access code at any time.

  • No need to make multiple copies of keys. Instead of having a million keys to your home floating around and potentially getting lost, you just need one. You can choose specific friends or family members to know the code to the lockbox without needing the extra keys.

  • Never be locked out of your house again. Did you forgot to bring your house key with you when you went to get groceries? Now you don't need to worry. You can use your lockbox key to safely let you back into the house.

  • You can give your caregiver access. Do you have a caregiver come and help you around the house? With a lockbox, you won't need to worry about giving them a key or leaving your front door unlocked. They'll be able to come and assist you without any stress on your end.

  • The lockboxes from Alert1 are spacious. They can hold up to 5 keys, meaning you'll be able to leave spare car keys in there as well. Now you won't stress if you accidentally lock your keys in the trunk of your car.

  • Set up is easy. The sleek design of our lockbox makes it functional without attracting attention, and the installation is simple. You don't need to search in the garage for any tools to help put it in place. The loop handle locks easily in place around a fence, railing or even a doorknob without hindering access to the house. If you decide to move it, simply enter your combination and the handle will unlock. The weatherproof design means it will keep your keys safe and dry year after year.

Secure Peace of Mind

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Sally, Nancy, and yourself are all planning on aging-in-place. With a lockbox on your door, you won't have to worry about an event like Sally's. Luckily she got the help she needed and was able to have the lock on her door replaced. Now she's switching over to a lockbox too.

At Alert1, we know that accidents and emergencies can happen without warning. That's why we designed this lockbox to help during the stress of an emergency. We support your aging-in-place goals, and are here to help make the process easier every step of the way.