Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Alert1's Mobile Fall Detection

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You and your friend Jenny are very close. You've lived on the same street for the past 40 years. Two months ago you both celebrated your 70th birthdays. It's a great friendship, and you love staying active together. One of your favorite activities to do with Jenny is to go for gentle morning hikes or walks. There are plenty of pretty parks and trails near your neighborhood, and the exercise sets you up for the rest of the day.

On Saturday morning, you both set out bright and early in the park near you. The park is full of gorgeous trails that go into the wilderness for a couple miles. While walking downhill, Jenny loses her balance and tumbles over, twisting her ankle. After making sure she's okay, you both realize that she's not able to walk back to the car.

I Don't Know What to Do!

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You don't want to leave Jenny by herself while you find help, and there is no way to call for assistance since you forgot your cell phone at home. You haven't seen anyone else for the last half mile. The only option is to sit and wait for someone to come along.

It's been two hours, and no one has come down the trail. You and Jenny have almost finished the water because the sun's climbing into the sky. You're hoping that your husband will start to worry when you're not back by 1 o'clock, and will call the park rangers to ask about you.

After three and a half hours, some other hikers come down the trail. They immediately come to help, and one of the hikers runs back to the ranger station to get transportation for Jenny. While you're transported back to safety, Jenny jokes that maybe it's time to get one of those medical alert devices.

I'm Thinking About Getting a Medical Alert Device

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After the ordeal on Saturday, you were pretty shaken up. Your husband had started to worry about you, and he became even more worried after hearing your story. You don't want to stop going on hikes and wilderness walks with your friend, but you're worried for your safety. Thinking back to what Jenny said about medical alert devices, you decide to look into getting one. Be sure to compare pricing in the market, as not all devices are created the same nor priced the same. Check out this comparison grid for Alert1 vs Life Alert costs.

At Alert1, we want you to stay safe no matter where your outdoor adventures take you. That's why we created PAX, our most comprehensive mobile medical alert system. With PAX, you will be able to travel safely.

How Does PAX Keep Me Safe?


We designed PAX to be the best of the best. About the size of your palm, the mobile pendant is lightweight and can be worn around your neck or clipped to your belt loop. Just press the button, you'll soon be talking to our TMA 5 Diamond Certified Command Center through the two-way microphone and speaker.

Like all our medical alerts, PAX is water resistant, so it can go with you into the shower. When you're hiking, you won't have to worry about wading through a creek or stream—PAX will keep up with you.

In case of an emergency, PAX uses built-in GPS technology to find your location. When you're out for a hike, it can be hard to determine where you are. Through the use of GPS satellites, PAX will transmit your location to Alert1's Command Center in the event of an emergency. The PAX pendant is able to keep you safe whenever you step out the door.

But the crowning feature of PAX is Alert1's automatic fall detection.

What's Automatic Fall Detection?

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In case of a fall, the automatic fall detection will immediately connect you to the Command Center, without you needing to push your button. The automatic fall detection will activate when it senses a sudden change in movement. The pendant has been tested to tell the difference between a senior fall and everyday movements.

We added this feature because falls can cause dizziness and disorientation. If you fall while out and about, you won't need to worry about pressing your button. Our Command Center operators are trained to automatically call 911 if they do not receive a response from you.

This Sounds Great! How Do I Get One?

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Adding PAX to your life is simple. You can order online, or give us a call. We're always happy to help you bring peace of mind to your life. Once you have your PAX, show it to Jenny. She's probably ready to bring the same peace of mind into her life. And the next time you're out hiking, you'll never have to worry about an accident happening again.