Do I Need a Cell Phone to Have a Mobile Help Button?

The answer is NO, no cell phone or cellular phone plan is needed to use Alert1’s mobile medical alert systems. Our mobile alerts operate without a cell phone.

Mobile medical alerts are small, portable alert systems that you carry with you on the go. Alert1 has three options for you to choose from—the Kelsi, Kelsi Pro and PAX Plus.

Alert1’s mobile medical alerts share many common attributes with cell phones. Read on to learn how our mobile medical alarm buttons function like cell phones, but keep you safer. 

Similarities Between Mobile Medical Alerts and Cell Phones

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We like to think of our mobile alerts and cell phones as cousins. Distant cousins, but still somewhat related, thanks to shared similarities.

  • Connection to cellular towers. Like cell phones, mobile medical alerts use the signals from cellular towers to keep you safe. You don’t need to worry about buying an additional cell phone plan; we include the coverage with your alert.
  • Top-notch location technology. Our mobile help buttons use 911 cellular location technology and GPS to locate you during an emergency. It’s like the map on a cell phone, but better. Help will always be a button press away.
  • Communication through the device. Don’t fret about fumbling with a headset or cords. Alert1’s mobile alarm pendants are as loud as a cell phone on speakerphone. You’ll hear and communicate with the operator with ease. 

Differences Between Mobile Medical Alerts and Cell Phones

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There are major differences that make Alert1’s mobile alerts stand out from the cell phone crowd. Think more casual acquaintance than distant cousin.

  • Help is a button press away. Unlike cell phones, our mobile medical help buttons keep help at your fingertips. Press the button during an emergency, and you’ll be connected to our Command Center. No dialing required.
  • Built in automatic fall detection. After a fall, you could be disoriented, or worse, knocked unconscious. Dialing a cellphone is out of the question. The automatic fall detection will immediately call for help after sensing a fall. No need to press the button.
  • Take them anywhere—even the shower. Cell phones can’t survive a trip into the shower with you. That’s why we made sure our mobile medical alert pendants are ready for wear 24/7. With a showerproof pendant, you’ll stay connected in the most dangerous room for falls.
  • Unlimited button pushes. That’s right, you can press the button on your medical alert system as many times as you like. No worries about overages, extra charges, or running out of talk time.

Alert1 has three different mobile medical alert systems. Keep reading to learn all about them. 

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Meet the Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert

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Say hi to Kelsi, our classic mobile alarm system. Kelsi’s ready to start keeping you safe today.

  • Small and sleek design. We like to think of Kelsi as the mobile alert version of the classic little black dress. With a slim design that slips into your shirt or pocket, Kelsi is ready for any occasion, night or day.
  • 911 location technology. Get help fast in an emergency. Kelsi uses the same cellular and 911 location technology to locate you in any emergency. Travel without fear knowing you’re never on your own.
  • Customizable Circle of Care. After you push the button on your Kelsi, you’re connected to our Command Center. You get to choose who the operator calls first. Whether it’s family, friends, or EMS, we will get help to you. 

Meet Kelsi Pro Mobile Fall Detection

Kelsi Pro in hand

Wave hello to Kelsi Pro, our new mobile system with automatic fall detection. Wave goodbye to falls when you put Kelsi Pro on.

  • Slim and lightweight design. We like to think of the Kelsi Pro as the older sister to Kelsi. With a lightweight design, Kelsi Pro will slip around your neck and under a shirt or sweater. Add some bling to your daily wear with a special lanyard.
  • Automatic fall detection. Falls are scary. With Kelsi Pro, banish fears of falls thanks to automatic fall detection. The sensors within the pendant will alert the Command Center after a fall. You don’t need to lift a finger.
  • GPS and cellular location technology. With Kelsi Pro, you won’t have to figure out your exact location when an emergency strikes. Press your help button, and we’ll use GPS tracking to you and get the help you need, fast. 

Meet PAX Plus Home + Mobile Fall Detection

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Give a warm welcome to PAX Plus, the complete home + mobile fall detection medical alert system. PAX Plus is there for you 24/7.

  • Complete customization. Can’t decide on how you want to wear your medical alert? PAX Plus gives you plenty of options. When you’re out and about, wear the automatic fall detection sensor around your neck or clipped to a belt loop. At home, pop the fall alert pendant in to charge and slip on the petite neck pendant or classic wristband.
  • Safety stays with you. With our other alerts, you’re without coverage while they charge. With PAX Plus, you never have to worry. The small neck button and wristband button keep you protected while PAX Plus charges.
  • Detects falls automatically. Don’t fear trips and falls. PAX Plus is ready to call the Command Center for you thanks to automatic fall detection. The GPS location technology will bring help to you after fall, all without a button press. 

Mobile Peace of Mind Today


Cell phones are great at keeping you connected with friends. Medical alerts are great at keeping you safe. With Alert1, you don’t need to worry about having the right cell phone or cellular coverage for peace of mind. Get your mobile medical alert today! 

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