Will an Alert1 Work Without A Landline and With an iPhone 6?

no landline phone needed for alert1 mobile medical alert

The answer is YES, you can get an alert button without a landline phone. Even with an iPhone 6, you can get an alert button since they are separate devices used for separate purposes.

Unlike other companies, with Alert1 you are not required to have a landline phone. Our mobile alert buttons are equipped with the cellular service in them. That means you never have to sign up for an extra mobile service like AT&T or T-Mobile to use a medical alert. 

No Third Party Services or Devices are Required with Alert1

no third party services or devices needed for alert1 mobile alert

Unnecessary features lead to unnecessary expenses, and nobody wants that. That’s why we require no additional third party services or devices for you to keep safe. When you sign up with Alert1 we make sure that you get an all-in-one package. There is never anything extra required of you.

  • No cell phone contracts required. Our mobile alert buttons come pre-programmed with cell service. You don’t need to sign up for any extra cellphone service. Your iPhone and medical alert are completely separate. 
  • No Wi-Fi needed. Don’t have Wi-Fi in your home? No problem. Alert1 medical alert systems do not require Wi-Fi for usage. We understand that some households don’t have wireless internet. That’s why we solved this issue by creating mobile help buttons that use cell towers or GPS instead.
  • No other devices are needed to use your alert button. What you see is what you get when you order your medical alert. We don’t require anything other than the unit itself for you to use it. Staying safe is easier than ever with a single medical alert button.

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How and Where Alert1 Mobile Medical Alerts Work

kelsi pro close up white background

At Alert1, we offer three state-of-the-art mobile medical alerts systems. Each device does not require  you to buy additional cell phone service or a landline connection in order to use them. We take care of everything for you! Also included in each unit is unlimited talk time and button presses. Here is what sets each device apart:

  • Kelsi - Mobile Medical Alert. Receive nationwide coverage wherever there is T-Mobile or AT&T service. Take your mobile medical alert with you anywhere on the go and press the button when you’re in need of help. Emergency responders from your Circle of Care are notified to come to your aid. Whether you’re out running errands or going for a stroll in the park, you’ll be ready with Kelsi by your side.
  • Kelsi Pro - Mobile Fall Detection. This device uses GPS and AT&T cellular network in all 50 states. Kelsi Pro works as a mobile help button, but with the added feature of 24/7 automatic fall detection. Advanced sensors within the unit automatically detect falls, then connect you to a trained operator who sends help your way. Mobile fall detection keeps seniors safe and more prepared than ever with this added feature.
  • PAX Plus - Mobile & Home Fall Detection. Enjoy nationwide coverage with GPS and AT&T service. PAX Plus is our most comprehensive mobile medical alert system. It provides triple safety to seniors at home and on the go with three help pendants. First, the on-the-go fall detection pendant works for any emergency, anywhere. Second, the home fall detection pendant works to keep you safe in your home while the mobile unit charges. Third, the sleep wristband keeps you safe during nighttime emergencies while the other two charge for the daytime. 

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What Do Members Love About Mobile Medical Alerts?

pax plus mobile medical alert white background

Alert1 medical alerts works to keep seniors safe, but that’s not the only reason members love us. After countless reviews, members have told us what else they love about our service. 

  • Mobile medical alerts provide peace of mind. Members love that they can rest easy knowing their loved one is safe. Does your parent live alone? Are you too busy to check on them as often as you would like? Not anymore. With a medical alert, gone are the days of worrying for the safety of your aging loved one. They and you can live with peace of mind.
  • Fall detection accuracy senses the difference between falls and other motions. Our automatic fall detection is so sophisticated that it distinguishes average movements from falls. With Kelsi Pro and PAX Plus, false alarms are very unlikely to happen. Even if you use the stairs or pick something off the floor, it won’t confuse that for a fall.
  • Our operators follow a non-verbal protocol when users cannot speak. If a loved one is deaf, hearing impaired, or falls unconscious; help is still sent. Whatever the case may be, our operators know what to do when the user is unable to respond. If you have fall detection, it still senses your fall and contacts our operators to send help.

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Don’t live in fear without an alert button just because you don’t have a landline phone. And don’t depend on an iPhone 6 when you need assistance. Instead, get an Alert1 mobile medical alert system. All of our mobile alert buttons use industry leading technology to keep seniors protected in and out of home. Start aging in place with Alert1 today!

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