How Alert1’s Mobile Medical Alert Can Give You Freedom on 4th of July

Updated 8/6/15 4:33pm | At Alert1, we want to give seniors the freedom to enjoy their golden years while also being safe. And to truly give seniors both protection and freedom, we launched the Kelsi mobile medical alert. With the Kelsi mobile medical alert, seniors can go anywhere in the nation knowing that they are protected. No matter where you go in the United States, if you need help, just press your button and our 24/7 Command Center will respond immediately. So grab your senior medical alert system and enjoy your freedom this 4th of July! Alert1 recommends you visit one of these 7 great places for your Independence Day celebration!

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Philadelphia, PA

One great place to visit around the 4th of July is the birthplace of our freedom-loving nation: Philadelphia! In commemoration of Independence Day, Philadelphia is having a weeklong celebration. The festivities culminate into the Philly 4th of July Jam and Grand Finale Fireworks. At the end of this grand, free concert, there will be fireworks over the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Earlier in the day, there will be a 4th of July parade in Historic Pennsylvania with bands, military members, and floats. On July 8th, you can also see the 238th public reading of the Declaration of Independence at Independence Hall. It will take place at the exact spot the original public reading occurred. You can also visit Independence Hall, the birthplace of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The Liberty Bell is close by too.


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Bristol, RI

You can also go to a seldom heard city of Bristol with your Kelsi mobile medical alert system. Bristol is the city that has hosted a 4th of July parade for the longest. In fact, it started in 1785. That’s 2 years after the US gained its official freedom from the British in the Treaty of Paris (1783).

However, Bristol doesn’t just have tradition as a part of its celebrations. In fact, their celebrations start on June 14th, Flag Day. These festivities include events like baseball games, concerts, and runs. The fireworks are on July 3rd, but luckily the historical parade is on Independence Day.

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Although more known for the Boston Tea Party, Boston still is a premier Independence Day destination.

Boston has a firework display on the Charles River as well as hosts the Boston Harborfest. This festival features the activities about the American Revolution, Bostonian colonial life, and Bostonian maritime traditions. You can also experience Boston’s long maritime traditions by going on a dinner cruise of Boston Harbor. There, you can see the fireworks, eat a meal, and see the historic ships.

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St. Louis, MO

Spend the freedom you get from the Kelsi mobile medical alert partying at St. Louis! In St. Louis, you not only get a fun-filled 4th of July, the partying continues for 2 more days! St. Louis hosts many festivals that several days beyond the 4th. One of the most famous of these festivals is the St. Charles RiverFest.

On the 4th of July itself, St. Louis has a plethora of activities for you to celebrate. There are numerous parades in St. Louis, although the most famous is the St. Louis tradition: the Veiled Prophet Parade. You can also attend the JB Blast, where the US Air Force Band will play at the Veteran’s Memorial Amphitheater. At the end of the concert, there will be fireworks for all to see.

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Mt. Rushmore

At Mt. Rushmore, you can go see the busts of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

Mostly on July 3rd, there are the ceremonies honoring military veterans and POWs. There are also celebrations of the American heritage and stunning military flyovers. On July 4th, there will be an Evening Lighting Ceremony, but no fireworks because of risk for wildfire. On both July 3rd and July 4th, there will  also be professional re-enactors portraying the four presidents on Mt. Rushmore. 

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San Francisco

Don’t leave the freedom loving West out of your sight for the 4th of July! San Francisco also celebrates Independence Day spectacularly in its own way.

The 4th of July celebrations are centered at Fisherman’s Wharf, with the fireworks going off there at night. You can also view the fireworks on a boats that go out into the bay. On the boats, you can get some food and also view the lights as well as the fireworks! For those who really love their music, San Francisco will also have a concert that starts at around 4 PM. 

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Washington DC

And finally there is Washington DC, the epicenter of the nation’s 4th of July celebrations!

There is the annual A Capitol Fourth, which has concerts and spectacular fireworks that can be seen nationwide (on TV). You can also enjoy the freedom of your Kelsi mobile medical alert with the National Independence Day Parade and the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

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With the freedom-giving protection of Kelsi mobile medical alert system, celebrate Independence Day! And what better way is there to celebrate that freedom by visiting another place in America with great 4th of July festivities!