3 Unique Activities That Are Perfect for Mobile Fall Detection

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Do you have a passion for making discoveries? Finding treasure or discovering something new? There is a chance for you to be a detective in your everyday life! These exciting outdoor activities are perfect for all ages, and can be done solo or with company. Turn your hobby into an exhilarating investigation that never gets dull! These three unique activities are they perfect way to mix up your daily routine. 

How Can I Stay Safe On-The-Go?

Alert1’s mobile fall detection pendant, PAX, is the perfect travel companion. Just wear the medical alert device as a necklace or clip it at your waist when you’re heading out. This will keep you safe at all times. The mobile fall detection pendant has useful features that are perfect for outdoor activities. 

How Does Mobile Fall Detection Work?

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Anytime you need assistance simply press your help button. If you happen to fall, there is no need to press the button. Alert1’s mobile fall detection will automatically sense a fall. If you press the button or the pendant senses a fall, you will immediately connect with an operator at an Alert1 Command Center. This caring operator will ask if you need help. They will then contact family, a friend, or 911 to get you the help you need as quickly as possible. Even if you are not able to respond, Alert1 will send help and keep you safe.

The small fall detection pendant is the perfect safeguard while you have fun in or out of the house. It is so lightweight and comfortable you can bring it to whatever activity you choose to do. The pendant is even waterproof so don’t worry about getting it wet. Here at Alert1, we want you to live your life however you want, just with a little extra protection.

If you are planning an adventure, don’t worry about getting lost. With a mobile fall detection pendant by your side we can locate you with GPS technology. Alert1 will pinpoint your location and get you the help you need. Listed below are some unique outdoor activities. They are perfect for you to try with mobile fall detection by your side. 


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Have you been bored with your regular walks or hikes? Try mixing it up with geocaching! Geocaching is an excellent way to explore places you have never been. This treasure hunting activity can give you great exercise both mentally and physically.  Geocaching is low-impact, meaning it is easier on your bones and joints. To do this activity you will need a smartphone or GPS device that will lead you to a hidden geocache. If you enjoying hiking or hunting for treasure this is the perfect hobby for you. You will be amazed how many beautiful spots this activity can lead you too.

To get started all you need to do is go to www.geocaching.com.  Create your free geocaching account and see the variety of geocaches near you. There are millions hidden around the world. You will be surprised to see how many are close to home!

Once you choose a geocache you want to find, your device will give you the GPS coordinates. Now it’s time to find your treasure. The website provides difficulty levels for each spot and hints if you get stuck while trying to find it. This activity is great for all ages, solo or with a friend. Just remember to bring your PAX mobile fall detection pendant to stay safe wherever you go. If you feel like you need assistance your mobile medical alert will allow you to quickly and easily call for help.

Once you find the geocache go ahead and open it up to see what is inside. You can sign the log inside and trade any knickknacks if you prefer. Then place it back exactly where you found it so other geocachers can enjoy the search! 

Metal Detecting

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Metal detecting is an exciting hobby that can lead to finding all kinds of treasures!  For this activity you will need a metal detector and some digging tools. Metal detecting can be done in a variety of places like the beach, forest, or park. Think of places where something can be lost. It is not uncommon for people to find treasure and antiques, but you will also dig up a lot of trash. This hobby requires some patience. Metal detecting is a rush when you find something exciting!

Although metal detecting can be an activity of solidarity, the hobby is very social. There are many metal detecting clubs and events to participate in. Dedicated hunters meet up and swap stories, show off found treasure and have competitions. This activity can be a great way to mix it up from your daily grind and experience something new. Bring your mobile fall detection pendant to stay safe while you have fun searching for long-forgotten treasures. 


binoculars for birdwathcing

Birdwatching is activity that is a great way to mix up your daily routine while getting outdoors. This exciting activity is perfect for all ages and can be done solo or in groups. While bird watching can be done with the naked eye, binoculars are a good investment. These will allow you to see details to identify the bird.  To help classify birds you have never seen before, you will need a field guide too.

Birdwatching gives you a chance to venture out into natural areas to find interesting birds. While peaceful and relaxing, this hobby can also be very exciting and educational. There are a wide range of teams and clubs devoted to bird watching. These are a great way to meet people who also spend their time appreciating wildlife. Don’t forget your mobile fall detection pendant. It will ensure your safety as you become an expert birdwatcher!

Have Fun Hunting For All Kinds of Treasure

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Whether you have a passion for searching for treasure, discovering the unknown, or observing wildlife, these hobbies are sure to spice up your daily routine. With Alert1’s mobile fall detection by your side you can explore and adventure with peace of mind. Take your average walk or hike to the next level with these exciting activities. You will love the mental and physical exercise these hobbies give you!  Enjoy the fresh air and have some fun.