Why Take the Chance? Get a PAX

Do you have a medical alert device that meets your needs? Does your medical device make you feel safe? Medical alert devices should—that’s what they are designed for. But you may be left wondering if you have the best device to protect yourself. Wonder no more, because the best is the PAX. The PAX system with built in fall detection and GPS is the most capable device on the market for all your protection needs.

The Ditch Scenario

ditch in the forest

Imagine this: You are out on a hike and suddenly you trip. You stumble, fall, and land yourself in a ditch. You are at the bottom of this muddy, wet ditch and you can barely move because you have hurt your ankle. Is it sprained? Is it broken? You don’t know. The pain is too much and you don’t know if you can get yourself up. You’re calling, “Help! Help!”, but there is no one around to hear you. Sounds terrible, right? That sounds like the stuff of nightmares!

No one would ever want to be in this situation, but the reality is this situation could happen to anyone and anywhere.

If you had a PAX system, this situation would never be that bad.

Here Comes the PAX

PAX over Downtown San Jose

If you had a PAX, your fall would have been automatically detected and reported to the appropriate authorities. You wouldn’t need to call for help, because the PAX has already called them for you. You wouldn’t have to worry about knowing where you are or how to give directions—your PAX already has your GPS location logged.  You wouldn’t be alone—our operators would be communicating with you every step of the way through your PAX.

You're Never Alone with a PAX

Smiling phone operator

Being alone in this situation would be terrifying. Never fear, because the PAX is here. PAX has a built-in mic and speaker so that you can talk in real time with our operators during an emergency.

Our TMA 5 Diamond Certified operators are standing by for all button presses-- false or actual. They are capable of speaking to you in whatever language you prefer, and will contact whoever you want in an emergency situation. Do you want your daughter to be the first person notified? Or maybe you would want your health care specialist. Upon set up of your PAX, you can assign whoever you like as your "first responder" as well as your preferred language settings.

The PAX comes with unlimited talk time and button pushes, so don't be scared to try it out! 

Rain or Shine

Rain falling on the pavement

But you said the ditch was muddy and wet! How can the PAX still work in those conditions? Water is no problem for the PAX. The PAX is showerproof and can withstand moderate amounts of liquid. Whether you fall in a ditch, in the shower or on the waterslide, the PAX will be there ready to help.

Tiny Life Saver

PAX Alert1 medical alert system

But I don’t want to wear a clunky device all the time. What are the chances I’ll need it?  Why take the chance? It’s better to be prepared than not, as my dad always said. And the PAX pendant is far from clunky—it’s one of our smallest and lightest devices offered. Standing at 2.6 inches tall, its petite shape allows you to wear the PAX however you like: as a necklace or on your belt. This pocket-sized device is easily concealable, if you so please.

Go Anywhere, Do Anything

Woman at the beach with arms outstretched

One of the best things about the PAX with fall detection is that you can count on it working anywhere in the United States.

PAX uses cellular towers to locate your position so that you can leave your home and if you need help, it can find you. Medical alert devices that confine you to your home can make you feel like you’re on house arrest. Medical alert devices are supposed to help increase your mobility, but how can it if you’re restricted to being within a certain range? PAX makes it possible for you to carry on your normal, daily routine AND be protected. So go ahead, go on that hike!

An Easy Decision

Check-box with 'yes' selected

PAX with fall detection is the best medical alert device on the market if you’re looking for mobility.

It’s small, compact, and easy to use. It works anywhere in the U.S.—even in the shower. PAX finds your location using cell towers, and automatically detects your fall. It also comes with a button that you can manually press if you just wanted someone to talk to. Did I mention that the PAX comes with unlimited button pushes? Push the button as many times as you like—our Command Centers are available 24/7 and staffed by our certified, friendly operators.

For the on-the-go senior, PAX with fall detection is an easy decision.  It’s affordable, concealable, and practical. Although there might be a certain stigma against medical alert devices, you wouldn’t want to be in The Ditch Scenario.

Why take the chance? It’s always better to be prepared for an emergency and not have one, than to have an emergency and not be prepared.  Upgrade your medical alert device today and put your mind at ease.