Why Are Medical Alert Systems So Popular?

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Updated 7/21/17 3:50pm | Today, more seniors include medical alert systems in their aging in place plans. With the dozens of companies out there, how are you expected to choose? We have a separate post that can help you compare and decide which one is best for your loved one.

The million dollar question remains: why are medical alert systems becoming so popular for seniors and why should Alert1 be your top choice? Is it because we are less expensive when compared to Life Alert costs?

The simple answer: modern seniors are embracing the Aging in Place movement. You don’t want to uproot your life and move to a facility, when there’s technology out there to protect and keep you safe. You want alternatives to traditional senior care in nursing homes and assisted living.

There are dozens of solutions that help make staying at home viable. Lately, medical alert systems are becoming popular because they are the foundation of these plans. Alert1 lists four top reasons why medical alerts are great for everybody.

Bang For Your Buck

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Traditional options like nursing homes and assisted living can cost between $5,000 and $10,000 a month. Most of the cost must be paid by the resident and not everyone needs that level of care. Safety is important, but if must also fit into your budget. Medical alert systems offer security for less than $1 a day.

With Alert1 there is no equipment to buy; you just pay for the service. Compared to traditional senior care, Alert1 flexible plans you aren't locked in to a huge decision like moving to a facility. Reduce your worring about safety and depleting finances. Alert1’s pennies-a-day medical alert system is a large draw for seniors.

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Keep the Family Close

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Your family cares about you, and they want you to be safe. Many families these days are recommending that the seniors they love get a medical alert system. In fact, many times it is the adult children who do the shopping for the best system. It offers a great compromise: the children know their parents are safe and protected, but can still live independently in the home they love.

Alert1 built our system with to foster healthy and lasting relationships. Alert1 provides several resources for you if you're trying to convince a loved one to use a medical alert system. You can personalize your contacts so that your family will be called in the event of an emergency. They’re always kept in the loop!

Keep Your Freedom

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As you age, there’s an increased risk of medical emergencies. Sometimes it’s also hard for you to acknowledge that you need help. At risk seniors these days are pressured to move from their homes and give up their independence. You’ve likely heard of neighbors or friends moving to retirement communities or assisted living facilities.  

For those of you that are nimble, the thought of constant checkups can feel oppressive and limiting. Beyond that, moving and the unfamiliar environment takes great adjustment. A foreign setting means you have to put up with unfamiliar barriers.

Aging in place supported by a medical alert system means no drastic transitions for you. You can forget about stressful lifestyle changes. Alert1 allows modern seniors to stay in their homes while still being able to get help if necessary. Staying safe means staying with your home, friends and community.

Medical alert systems are easy to setup and easy to use. They offer constant protection without being bothersome. You can continue to enjoy the freedom your own home offers. That enjoyment is what draws seniors to medical alert systems.

Safety for Savvy Seniors

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A sense of liberty is what aging in place is all about. The Golden Years are about enjoyment, but there are inherent risks that should be considered:

  • Falls are the top cause of death from injury among people 65 and older.
  • One third of Americans aged 65+ falls each year. 
  • Fear of falls can limit activities and reduce social life. 

 (National Council on Aging)

The good news is that these risks can be mitigated. You can fight these hazards with the proper tools. Alert1 is a tool that can reduce your risk so that you can live without fear. The medical alert system gets help quickly by giving you a direct and reliable connection to our Command Center.

When you need help, simply press the button to connect to an operator 24/7. They will assist you and call for help. Alert1 lets you personalize your emergency contact list to include family, neighbors and local 911. This ensures that you always get exactly the help you want and need. 

All the Popular Kids are Doing It

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At the end of the day, medical alert systems create a safety net for you both at home and on the go. Alert1’s personal emergency systems give you peace of mind. They give you more free time to live each day however you choose.

Join the cool kids. Aging in place is the most popular option for today’s seniors, and medical alert systems are the best way to start.

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