How Does a Medical Alert Bracelet Work?

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According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older adults. As you or your loved one enters retirement, it is important to be prepared for the unthinkable. You can never predict when an accident will occur—how would you get help after a fall?  

There is a simple solution—a medical alert bracelet. Alert1’s medic alert bracelets increase safety and independence for seniors, so they can enjoy their golden years. 

How Medical Alert Bracelets Work

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In just a few simple steps, Alert1 medical alert systems work to aid you in the fastest way possible.

  • Wear the medic alert wristband comfortably on your wrist. Wear the alert bracelet at all times so you are prepared for any situation. After all, it has a 600-foot range around the base unit so you can stay safe both in and around your home. When wearing your alert bracelet, safety is within reach at all times with a press of the button.
  • Press the alert bracelet button in an emergency and get help fast. Slip and fall in your bathroom? Trip over a step? Whatever the emergency may be, just press the help button and we get quickly get you help. Our medical alert bracelets are waterproof, so you will stay safe in the shower too.
  • Speak with a trained operator from our Command Center. Our TMA 5 Diamond Certified operators evaluate the situation and contact emergency responders. Even if you’re unable to speak, our operators follow non-verbal protocols to ensure you get help.


Help Arrives From Your Circle of Care

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After you press the help button on your medical alert bracelet, the operator contacts emergency responders from your Circle of Care. This is your customized list of who comes to help you during an emergency. It’s a personal speed dial for your emergency responders.

  • Prioritize three people for us to contact in an emergency. Pick three people you trust in the order you choose. You can list anyone you want—family members, a friend, a caregiver, or neighbor. Specify if you want them as a responder or notifier. Responders come help you in the emergency, and notifiers are informed you have pressed your button. 911 is automatically added as a fourth responder. Setting up your circle of Care is simple and ensures you always get a personalized response.
  • We notify your Circle of Care with updates of your condition. Your emergency responders are always kept in the loop until they arrive. If for any reason your condition changes, we let your responders and notifiers know. Additionally, we always stay on the line until help arrives—so you are never left alone.
  • Change the order of your Circle of Care at any time. Update your Circle of Care in your online portal or call our Member Care team at 1-800-693-5433. We understand that your contacts may move away or become unavailable. If that ever happens, easily update your Circle of Care so that your wellbeing is never at risk.

Who Needs a Medical Alert Bracelet?

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How do you know if you would benefit from an Alert1 medical alert bracelet? Here are just some of the types of people who should consider medic alert bracelets.

  • Seniors who want to live peacefully. Medical alert bracelets eliminate risk so seniors can live without fear. Fall hazards lurk in plain sight, and older adults lose balance and muscle strength as they age. All this can make your home more dangerous than you think. That’s why medical alert bracelets reduce worry and allow seniors to live in peace.
  • Seniors who live alone. Living alone without any help leaves many seniors vulnerable. Medical alert bracelets ensure you are never alone in an emergency. If you slip and fall, Alert1 is your safeguard to make sure help comes to you.
  • Seniors who want to save money. Not everyone can afford assisted living or a caretaker as they grow older. Medical alert systems are a cost effective alternative for anyone who wants to live safely without breaking the bank.


Why Alert1 Members Love their Medical Alert Bracelets

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Here at Alert1, members tell us just how much they love their medical alert service in highly rated reviews. But what exactly do they love about it?

  • Medic alert bracelets are small and discreet. Alert1 bracelets aren't bulky or noticeable, so nobody will ever know it’s a medical alert on your wrist. Our state of the art help buttons are as small as possible and never get in the way.
  • There are stylish accessories for their bracelet. Do you want to add style to your medical alert bracelet? Alert1 offers a number of fashionable and elegant accessories to make your alert bracelet ready for brunch or a night on the town.   
  • Their alert bracelet lets them live with peace of mind. Alert1 members love the reliability and peace of mind their help button provides. Whether they have used it or not in an emergency, the sense of security from their medical alert bracelet allows our members to live fearlessly. 

Get a Medical Alert Bracelet Today

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Don’t wait until after an accident occurs to live safe. Be prepared for all emergencies that may come your way with a medical alert bracelet. Call us today so you can start living your golden years in peace! We promise to save you money compared to the costs of Life Alert.

Call us today at 1-866-581-4540 to get on the go protection with Alert1

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