What Happens After I Press My Panic Button?

Emergencies are scary. But with an Alert1 panic button, you’re never going to have to go through an emergency alone.

While wearing your Alert1 senior panic button, help is just a button press away. We’re here to get you the help you need, fast. Here’s what happens after you press your panic button during an emergency. 

A Five Diamond Certified Operator Comes on the Line

Command Center

Your emergency alert button connects you to one of our TMA 5 Diamond Certified Command Centers. Alert1 has two separate Command Centers located here in the U.S. so there are more trained operators to quickly answer your call.

After you press your emergency alert button:

  • We come on the line. A trained operator will be on the line asking if you’re all right after you press your panic button. State your emergency, and tell the operator if you’re hurt. Help will be on its way.
  • We contact help for you. After you speak with a trained Command Center operator or if you don’t respond, they will contact help. You get to choose if you want us to call emergency services or friends and family to come help you.
  • We stay on the line. Never fear being along during an emergency again. Once you press your help button, the operator will stay on the line with you until help arrives. We’re here to bring you peace of mind 24/7.

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The Right Help is Sent to You

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Not every emergency needs an ambulance or firefighters to respond. That’s why we created Alert1’s Circle of Care. Now you can choose the emergency response that’s best for you.

With the Alert1 Circle of Care:

  • Customize your call list for the perfect care. With Alert1’s Circle of Care, you to decide on who we call in an emergency. We can call your neighbor, daughter, or brother. There's room for up to three names on your personalized call list, plus 911.
  • Choose who we contact first. Don’t want EMS to respond first every time? No problem. Let us know that you want us to call your family first and we will do that.
  • Change the order at any time. We know life circumstances are always changing. That’s why our Circle of Care is flexible. You’re able to update the information in your Circle of Care anytime through your Alert1 online account.

You’re in Trustworthy Hands

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Our response team operators are trained to provide assistance in times of crisis. We know that getting you immediate help after you push your emergency alert button is crucial.  

Alert1 Command Centers are:

  • TMA 5 Diamond Certified. Our two emergency Command Centers are TMA 5 Diamond Certified. This means our operators are rigorously trained to stay calm and provide help in any emergency.
  • UL Listed. Alert1’s Command Centers are UL Listed, which means we undergo random inspections to insure quality care. Our certification is not a one-time thing. We are constantly striving to bring you the best care possible.
  • Never outsourced. Both of Alert1’s Command Centers are right here in the USA. You never have to worry about your call being routed overseas. We’re here to answer your call all day, every day.  

Quality Response with All Alert1 Medical Alert

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We don’t believe in bundling special features together to charge more. No matter which Alert1 medical alert system you choose, you will receive the same quality response and care.

  • Stay safe in and around the home. Alert1’s home medical alert system comes with a range of 600 feet around the base station. That’s the size of two football fields! You’ll never have to worry about coverage while checking the mail or watering the plants again.
  • Stay safe on the go. Take peace of mind with you when you travel with an Alert1 mobile medical help pendant. With GPS and 911 location technology, we send you help even if you don’t know where you are.
  • Stay safe with 24/7 peace of mind. With a discreet design, the panic button will slip underneath a shirt for invisible wear. Help stays with you wherever you go.

Alert1 Offers Affordable Medical Alerts

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Senior safety should be affordable to all. That’s why Alert1 offers some great discounts to help keep costs low.

  • Discounts for you. Take advantage of your senior status. We offer discounts to members of AAA, AARP, and veterans. Let us know that you’re a veteran or affiliated with AAA or AARP and we’ll get your discount set up.
  • Discounts for friends. Share the news about your new senior help button and bring peace of mind to a friend. For every friend you refer to Alert1 who signs up, we’ll give you both a free month of service.
  • Discounts for family. Does your spouse need a medical alert too? With Alert1, you can add a second user to your household and save on the cost of their medical alert. Let us save you money compared to Life Alert costs. Give us a call to get started today.

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Peace of Mind with Alert1

Press your emergency alert button for elderly and you’ll get help fast. Our highly trained, US-based Command Center operators are standing by to get you the help you need. No matter which panic button you have, we’ll always be there. Stay safe at home and on the go with Alert1.

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