What Makes Alert1 Different from Life Alert®?

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Alert1 is a leading provider in the medical alert system industry. There are other companies who also provide medical alarm systems, all with the goal of helping seniors stay safe and age in place. Since there’s so many options, it’s hard to choose which company to sign up with. Besides Alert1, you may know of Life Alert® from their popular TV commercials.

Life Alert® and Alert1 both provide Personal Emergency Response Systems for seniors and aging adults. But what makes Alert1 different from Life Alert®? Read on to learn about their key differences and why Alert1 should be your choice. 

Differences in Medical Alert Product Offerings

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Alert1 and Life Alert® both offer medical alert systems. However, there are key differences in their features and pricing. After comparing the two, it’s clear Alert1 provides you with more for less money! Here’s how they differ:


  • Life Alert® has the most basic of medical alert systems. Their only systems consist home units for in-home protection, and a mobile unit for on-the-go protection according to medicalalertadvice.com. 
  • Alert1 has a variety of advanced medical alert systems with state of the art features. We offer everything Life Alert® does, plus more. In addition to our home and mobile units, Alert1 offers automatic fall detection options. These pendants detect your fall and automatically call for help. You don't even need to press your button. 


  • Life Alert® costs more than Alert1. According to medicalalertsystemshq.com, Life Alert®’s prices range from $49.95 to $89.95 per month. Life Alert®’s most basic unit costs you more than many Alert1 options. Who wants to pay more for less? Nobody! 
  • Alert1’s pricing is affordable. Monthly pricing is $24.95 to $55.95 per month, with a wider variety of systems that have more added benefits. It’s a value that is hard to beat! Even Alert1’s most comprehensive unit, the PAX Plus mobile + home fall detection system, is still more affordable than Life Alert®’s most expensive unit. 

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Differences in Policies

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When shopping for medical alerts, details like contracts, cancellation, and refund policies are all important. Alert1 policies are much different when compared to Life Alert®’s, because we put our members first. Here’s how they differ:

Long Term Contracts

  • With Life Alert®, you are required to commit to a three-year contract, according to medicalalertadvice.com. Nobody likes being stuck in a lengthy contract like that!
  • Alert1 doesn’t require you to commit to a long term contract. We give you the option to choose a monthly or annual plan. Alert1 understands that unexpected circumstances happen in life, and a commitment like three years is too long. That’s why we give our members the ability to choose whatever plan is more convenient for them.

Easy Cancellation and Refund Policies

  • When you sign up with Life Alert® your cancellation options are limited and strict. Medicalalertadvice.com states if you want to cancel with Life Alert®, you must provide proof your loved one has passed away or requires 24-hour care in assisted living or nursing home.
  • Alert1 makes cancellation easy and hassle free. We offer a refund when you cancel within 30 days and have an annual plan. This means that if you aren't satisfied for any reason, then you can return your medical alert and get your money back. Refunds are not applicable for monthly plans.

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Differences in Finding Information

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When you are in the market for a medical alert, you want all your questions and inquiries answered fast. Alert1 understands this. That’s why we made a user-friendly website and call system for you to learn about our services. Here’s how it is different than Life Alert®’s:

Getting Information

  • Life Alert® has an outdated website with little information to provide about what's offered. This company forces you to call them over the phone if you would like more info about their products and service.
  • Alert1 has honest and transparent information online, always available for your convenience. Still have questions? We give you the option to call us too. We make it easy to get info about pricing, features, setup, or anything questions you may have. 

 Ordering a Medical Alert

  • Life Alert® does not allow you to order online, and requires you to call them over the phone. Whether you like it or not, you can’t order your medical alert system online and must call according to lifealert.com. 
  • With Alert1, you can choose to buy online or over the phone, any day of the week. Our representatives are eager to answer any all of your questions. Everybody has a different shopping preference and Alert1 knows that. That’s why we make it easy for you to order. We also ship out same day on weekdays to get you your system as fast as possible.

Safety is Alert1’s Specialty

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In the end, both Alert1 and Life Alert® systems get you the help you need during an emergency. But if it’s the highest quality and most reliable services in the medical alert industry that you seek, Alert1 is the company for you. We don’t just provide affordable medical alert systems for you, we provide a promise to keep you safe 24/7.

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Marcy Phyllis

2:15 PM on September 14, 2017
After being locked into a three year contract with Life Alert I was finally able to get out! Feel better being on the monthly plan with alert.

Sal Jones

5:10 PM on September 20, 2017
I am very happy with my system and would not have chosen any other company thank you Alert1!
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