Fun Ways to Incorporate a Medical Alert System into Your Holiday Fashion

holiday medical alert

As the holiday season approaches, you might be starting to plan what you’ll wear to holiday gatherings. It might be the first time you’ve seen your family in a couple of years, especially if you’ve remained cautious amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. You may be considering wearing a medical alert system for security and protection. This is where Alert1’s personal emergency response system style guide comes in handy. Use your personal style to create a festive look this holiday season!

Haven’t found your personal style yet? It’s never too late! Many people become more familiar with what makes them truly happy as they grow older and feel more confident. You have likely homed in on a personal style that fits your personality and needs. Take this personal style quiz and you’ll be ready to rock a holiday outfit, accessories, and an alert system that suit you. 

Medical Alert Systems Have Come a Long Way 

Don’t confuse modern medical alert systems with medical alert systems of the past. The medical alert bracelets and necklaces you might be thinking of were bulky and unsightly[1]. By contrast, all of Alert1’s medical alert system options are comfortable and lightweight. Seniors with an eye for the fashionable will delight in Alert1’s several customizable and stylish options, including a wristwatch with a built-in SOS button for 2-way communication.

Holiday Cheer or Holiday Stress?

For many people, the winter holidays went online last year. The pandemic made it difficult to gather. It’s possible that you have not seen your family in-person in a couple of years. However, you and your family might have decided that it’s safe to celebrate in the upcoming months. It’s okay to feel anxious about this holiday season, especially if you have made changes over the past couple of years. This upcoming holiday season might be stressful for seniors given that the pandemic disproportionately affected the elderly population, but a medical alert system may bring some comfort and peace of mind that help is just one button-press away if it is ever needed, 24/7/365—yes, even on Christmas!

Styling Tips for Your Personal Alarm System

Whether you want to make a fashion statement with your medical alarm or keep it hidden, Alert1 has options for you. There are many ways to incorporate medical alert systems into an outfit, especially holiday fashion. 

If you don’t know where to start, this list will give you a handful of medical alert system styling tips for this holiday season that you can continue to use throughout the year. Choose the wearing method that works for you, and party in style.


Wearing your medical alert button as a necklace is a beautiful way to incorporate it into your day-to-day outfits. Most Alert1 medical alert necklaces hang 18” from the back of the neck.

The Elegant Onyx Necklace has a hand-crafted black and silver beaded design. Complete a monochrome look for classy holiday parties. 

The Treasure Pearls Necklace is the essence of classic elegance. This timeless piece will complement any holiday outfit and works for year-round use. 

The Stained Glass Necklace uses blue, red, yellow, and green glass beads to create a colorful effect. This necklace is an artsy addition to any vibrant wardrobe. It hangs 19” from the back of the neck.

The magnetic safety clasps on these necklaces are not compatible with pacemakers[2]. Make sure to choose the medical alert system style that works best for your overall care plan. 


A wristband medical alert system could easily be mistaken for a watch or other fitness wristband. Alert1 has several wristband options, including multiple colors. See below for wristband color options. 

If you look around, tons of people wear wristwatches, smart watches, or some sort of gadget on their wrists. However, you can spruce up your medical alert system by choosing a unique wristband color. 

Alert1 offers three different wristband colors:

Purple Wristband

Grey Wristband

Blue Wristband

Cool-toned colors are absolutely perfect for the holiday season. These wristbands are about 10.5” long and one size fits all. They’re waterproof, so you can even wear your new wristband in the shower. When you pick a wristband, you also need to pick an alert system. These wristbands fit all standard Alert1 home emergency buttons, however they are not compatible with home fall detection or mobile medical alert help buttons. 

Remember that wristband medical alert systems are not suitable for seniors who need fall detection technology. If you feel more comfortable with this addition, you’ll want to wear a pendant.

Belt Holster

The Kelsi and Kelsi Pro Protective Case and Belt Loop Adapter is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It can affix almost unnoticeably to your belt loop. The belt holster option is probably the most subtle way to wear a medical alert system as it resembles a cell phone when hooked on a belt loop or waistband.


Another great way to style your medical alert system is layering it with other accessories, like necklaces or an eyeglass holder. Achieve an effortlessly bohemian look with multiple necklaces or other jewelry pieces[3]

There are several ways to style your medical alert system this holiday season and beyond. A few simple styling tricks can elevate it from a part of your safety plan to a part of your wardrobe. In fact, you can think of a medical alert system as just another addition to your wardrobe, only this one could save your life!

Alert Systems Are Stylish and Affordable

Simple, classic medical alert systems that you can wear every day start at less than $20 per month. This affordable style can fit into your holiday wardrobe and makes an easy throw-on piece for everyday use. 

Take your time getting to know this new accessory as you head into the holiday season, so you can use it with confidence if needed at your holiday gatherings.

How Medical Alert Systems Work

Not quite sure how medical alert systems work? You’re not alone. This quick how-to will help you get familiar with your new medical alert system. 

  • If you experience any type of emergency requiring help, you can press the button on your medical alert system and connect to a trained agent at our 24/7/365 Command Center. 
  • Some Alert1 medical alert systems come with fall detection technology, which will sense your fall and connect you with a Command Center agent even if you cannot press the button.
  • Some systems are designed to be used in and around the home, while some are mobile “on-the-go” devices.
  • A highly trained agent will connect you with the appropriate services and stay on the line with you until help arrives.

Take the opportunity to flex your fashion sense while integrating this life-saving accessory into your care plan, but don’t stop there. Take this as an opportunity to enter the holiday season with confidence, knowing that as long as you have your personal alarm button, you will never face an emergency alone.

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