What Words Do Medical Alert Companies Use The Most?

Whether we realize it or not, we all tend to use the same words over and over. Remember word clouds, those fun visualizations of which words you use the most? They figure out what words you use and make a cloud of words. The bigger the word, the more you use it. Word clouds are not only fun, but they reveal what you talk about the most and what your values are.

Medical alert companies are no exception; we too repeatedly use the same words! We often use the same language when describing our products. But do different medical alert companies use different words? How do Alert1’s most used words compare to Life Alert and Medical Guardian?

We’ve created word clouds for Alert1, Life Alert, and Medical Guardian using some of the most prominent pages on our websites. It’s very interesting to see which words are the same and which are different. We’ve underlined the keywords in our analysis to make things clear. Let’s take a look!


Alert1 medical alert word cloud

First let’s look at Alert1’s word cloud. We unsurprisingly say our own name, Alert1, the most. That’s followed by medical alert systems, what we sell. That’s exactly what you would expect to see the biggest in our word cloud.

But what about the slightly smaller words? That’s where it gets interesting. We are obviously very focused on our providing for our members. We are one of America’s leading medical alert systems. We have a wonderful team that helps keep you safe and get help when you need it. From our Command Center operators to our qualified senior care specialists and member care team, we provide you with the support you need to live in your home independently. Our messaging reflects how much we care about the people we provide for – we are focused on what we can do for our members.

Life Alert

Life Alert word cloud

Life Alert is best known for its commercials with the slogan “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” . This word cloud suggests that Life Alert emphasizes the medical applications of emergency response systems and their usefulness in emergencies for seniors, particularly in their homes. These emergencies could be the result of gas leaks, fire, home invasions or falls. Life Alert emphasizes the dangers that seniors face and the possibly disastrous consequences of falling without a medical alarm. Their website focuses on the situations in which a medical alert can assist seniors.

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian Word Cloud

 A glance at this cloud of words used by Medical Guardian shows us that they focus on featuring their products and medical alert systems. They, like all of us in this industry, are committed to senior safety.

There are some intriguing words in this cloud. What is the word key doing in the mix? It makes much more sense in context: Medical Guardian often uses the phrase key product feature when talking about the products they offer. In fact, many of the words in this cloud relate to their products and their promotions, including mobile, classic, warranty, feature, product, technology, monitoring, rate, offer, and equipment.

But what about the word green? This one took some digging, but we found the source: on Medical Guardian’s blog they have a whole section for nutrition and recipes using green products including green onions, leafy greens, and green peppers. It’s important for seniors to have a healthy diet, and those green foods are both yummy and nutritious. Medical Guardian obviously takes into account a variety of factors when it comes to senior health.

Summing It Up

Word clouds are fascinating. They are a snapshot that gives us insight into what we say the most often. They capture a moment of time, and are dependent on what text you use. We attempted to take text from one of each website’s most popular pages to give us an idea of what messaging we see when we visit each site.

These word clouds imply that Alert1 focuses on the support we give our members, Medical Guardian focuses on the features of their products, and Life Alert focuses on the situations in which you can use a medical alert. We present our products and services in different ways, but Life Alert, Medical Guardian, and Alert1 all provide medical alerts with the goal of helping seniors stay safe.