Good Guys Win! Medical Alert Robocam Put To An End

Updated 7/30/15 10:27am | Alert1 has good news for all affected by unsolicited calls offering emergency response systems. State and Federal government officials cracked down against automated medical alert scam calls that targeted seniors in North America, reportsABC News. Many of the victims of these robocalls were elderly people that lived alone, with limited incomes. Sadly the fraudsters were largely successful in their scheme targeting seniors. Fortunately authorities are intervening to be sure the criminal parties get their just desserts. 

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How Criminals Targeted Older Adults

Seniors would receive calls from companies claiming to be Life Alert or Alert1 medical alert systems for seniors. The telemarketing companies would then enroll your loved ones under their “free service”. After unsuspecting older adults provided their financial and contact information, the fraudulent charges began to pile up. To make matters worse, the seniors never received the lifesaving coverage or the actual medical alert system. Life Alert and Alert1 never make unsolicited calls to customers which makes this case even more suspicious.  During this confusing time, search traffic for Life Alert Scam and Fraud Alert surged and many were left not knowing whom to trust. We want you to know that Alert1 is a company you can trust to protect you and your aging loved ones.

Here's How The Medical Alert Scam Worked

Older adults were told by fraudulent parties that their loved ones paid for them to receive a free medical alert system. The seniors were then prompted to press 1 to claim the medical alert system, which then connected seniors to the fraudsters. Fraudsters mentioned that the system was free, all the older adults needed to do was pay for the monthly service fees. After the billing information was collected, the scamsters immediately depleted the savings of these seniors. With over 66,000 complaints, the Florida-based company, which went under many names such as Worldwide Info Services and The Credit Voice, Inc. was finally shuttered.

Damages from the Medical Alert Roboscam

The company pilfered an estimated $13 million and was comprised of 100 individuals who were trained to elude law enforcement. The scam company that offered fraudulent senior emergency systems was unrelated to any legitimate home medical alarm system industry. Although the company falsely claimed to be approved by the American Heart Association and the National Institute on Aging. The order includes a judgement of nearly $23 million to be repaid by seizing the offender’s assets (including cash, cars and a boat). These individuals are prohibited from making future telemarketing calls or misrepresenting valid medical alert system providers

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Protect Yourself from Medical Alert Scams

Scams against senior citizens, especially those suffering Alzheimer’s and dementia, are not a new development. Though the good guys prevailed this time, it is important to remain vigilant and extensively research whether a company is genuine before engaging them. If you’re ever uncertain about a company that’s soliciting you over the phone, hang up immediately and send a report to the FTC.