What Are The Reasons That You Can Trust Alert1?

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When there are too many options to pick from, how do you make the best choice? Why settle for second best when you can have the best in the business? Sometimes it’s hard to determine if a company is trustworthy or not. That’s why we all appreciate external ratings and real customer reviews. Here are just a few reasons why seniors choose to put their trust in Alert1:

1. We are UL Certified

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UL is a global independent safety consulting and certification company. They are a recognized symbol of trust within the community. UL has a long and established history (since 1894!) and maintain their reputation by continuing best practices.

Most electronic devices you use have to go through UL testing before you can use them. At Alert1, all our products go through UL’s rigorous testing facilities. We do this to certify that your medical alert device is always safe and fully functional.  

2. We are TMA 5 Diamond Certified

So now that you know our products are reliable, you might be wondering about our operators. Are these operators capable of handling your emergency? You can rest assured that all operators at the Command Center are TMA 5 Diamond Certified. This means that every individual operator completed and excelled in the comprehensive training program.

Alert1 operators must meet requirements such as commitment to the highest levels of customer service and ongoing job-related education and testing to receive this certification. 

3. We’re based in the United States

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Many companies choose to outsource their call centers to reduce costs. Here at Alert1, we would never outsource our call centers. That means all calls come to one of our US-based Command Centers.

You don’t have to worry about possible language constraints. Alert1 Command Centers support almost 200 different languages! You can choose the preferred language for your operators upon set up of your device. At the Alert1 Command Center, you will always find a friendly voice ready to help and fully equipped to do so.   

4. Highly rated on Consumer Affairs

If you don’t trust us, trust others like yourself! ConsumerAffairs.com is a widely recognized site for customer’s to input their reviews of companies. Founded in 1998, Consumer Affairs takes unbiased reviews from verified purchasers and presents the information free to the public. Alert1 receives high ratings and is recommended for seniors products on a consistent basis. 

5. Better Business Bureau

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The Better Business Bureau is a go-to for many individuals who want to check a company’s integrity. When you don’t know much about a business, you want to check a reputable source that you can trust. The BBB sets high ethical standards for business conduct. This not only applies for themselves but for their business partners as well. The BBB is one of the most trusted third parties—and Alert1 has been accredited by them since 2001. Alert1 adheres to the BBB Business Partner Code of Conduct and will continue to do so.  

6. My Senior Source

This “isn’t just another review site”, it’s a site that solves a unique problem. My Senior Source posits that the problem lies with most senior products.

Most senior products ask for a high dollar commitment when you might not know much about the product. My Senior Source takes the guesswork out of situations like these. They provide you with all the information you would need about senior products so that you don’t need to look yourself. Again, Alert1 is highly recommended and rated on My Senior Source. They also have their own review section for members to leave their input. 

7. Modern Senior Magazine

In 2015, Modern Senior Magazine named Alert1 the EMSY Winner for Medical Alarm Service. Alert1 was selected because of our commitment to customer satisfaction and our transparent, affordable pricing.

Modern Senior Magazine found our phone representatives to be “pleasant, knowledgeable, and considerate” and our website easy to understand and navigate. Alert1 was recognized for our “outstanding customer service” and commended for displaying our prices on our site—unlike other competitors. 

8. Members love us!

Just like Amazon.com, Alert1 values customer feedback and knows that you appreciate it too. We encourage members to post their honest reviews on our website so that you can be the judge. Look at the reviews from our members and decide on which product is best for you. You can either heed their recommendation or not—but see for yourselves why Alert1 members love us.


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Alert1 Values Your Trust

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Don’t take our word for it, just take one quick look above and you can see that Alert1 is trustworthy. All of these ratings, certifications and accreditations show that members everywhere choose to put their trust in Alert1. One point of interest is how much we can save you vs. Life Alert costs. As the saying goes, “trust takes years to build, seconds to destroy and a lifetime to repair”. Here at Alert1, we value your trust—and will do whatever it takes to keep it.