When Can I Push My Emergency Alert Button?


At Alert1, we don’t charge for button pushes, so you can press your emergency alert button whenever you need. In fact, we encourage you to push your button if you need help in any situation. Even if it’s a false alarm or you just want to talk, we are here for you.

We get a lot of questions from our members about when they can push their help button. Let’s go over questions and concerns you may have about pushing the help button on your emergency pendant. 

Push the Button In and Around the Home

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You don’t need to worry about staying next to your home base station to press your button. Alert1's home units come with a range of 600 feet around the base station. When your system arrives, be sure to test your help button from every room in the house.

  • Can I press my button in the bathroom? You bet you can. The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house for accidents like slips and falls. Keep your alert with you and stay safe.
  • Do I take my button in the shower? You sure do. We want you to wear your help pendant at all times so you are never without protection. Alert1 pendants are 100% showerproof, giving you 24/7 peace of mind.
  • Will I be able to hear the operator? You will indeed. The base station is loud so you can hear it throughout your home. We offer voice extenders and wall-mounted help buttons if you feel you need extra coverage. Even if you can’t hear the operator, we still send help.

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Push the Button On The Go

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Alert1’s mobile medical alert systems travel with you, so you have safety on the go. They’re light and discreet, making them perfect to tuck underneath your shirt or jacket. You can be sure that your button press will quickly connect you to our CSAA 5-Diamond Certified Command Center.

  • What if I don’t know where I am? You should still press your mobile help button. Our mobile medical alerts use cell location technology and GPS to bring help to you. Never fear losing your way again.
  • What if I’m in a different state? Alert1 works within all 50 states. With your customizable Circle of Care, you choose who we call in an emergency. When you’re in a different state, we call local 911 emergency services to bring you the help you need.
  • What if I need help in my car? Navigate to the side of the road and press your help button. Once the operator comes on the line, let them know of your emergency. We’ll get help to you, fast.

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Oops, I Didn’t Mean To Press My Button—Is That Bad?

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We will never charge you for a button press. Which means you can push your button all day, every day. Even if it’s a false alarm, our Command Center is ready to respond.

  • I thought my house was on fire, but it was the cookies burning in the oven. Don’t fret about pressing your button. Our trained operators will confirm you’re safe before disconnecting the call. Never fear false alarms again.
  • I thought someone was in my house, but it was my cat playing. Never fear to press your button if you think someone is trying to break in. We can alert 911 to send a patrol car down your street for extra security.
  • I thought I was hitting the TV remote, but it was my help button. Forget about any embarrassment. We’re here to keep you safe, even if it was just a mix-up with which button does what.

I Think I Forgot Something, So I Pressed My Help Button

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If you’re ever unsure about something, we’re here to help. We can contact friends, family or anyone you want in your Circle of Care on your behalf.   

  • I forgot to take my medication. Unsure if you took your medication today? Press the button and we can help. We can alert up to three people to come over and help you with your medications.
  • I forgot my doctor’s phone number. Give your alert button a press. With up to three customizable responders, you can choose to have your doctor’s phone number saved in your Circle of Care.
  • I forgot when I last tested my button. Don’t worry about pressing your button too much. We encourage you to press your button for a test at least once a month. Simply push the button and let the operator know that you’re doing a test. We’re happy to hear from you!

Help is a Button Press Away

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With Alert1, you can push your emergency alert button 24/7, 365 days a year. You’ll never have to worry about being charged for pressing your medical alert pendant, even if it’s a false alarm. Rain or shine, we will bring help to you. 

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