What Medical Alert Bracelets Can I Get?

Don’t pass on peace of mind because you don’t like wearing necklaces. Get a medical alert bracelet to keep you safe. Alert1 has medical alert bracelets, medical alert system bracelets, and medical ID bracelets for you. 

What’s a Medic Alert Bracelet?

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A medic alert bracelet is a help button worn around your wrist. Alert1 has three medical alert systems that come with an alert bracelet. Your alert button gives you the peace of mind to go about your day thanks to:

  • A secure fit to keep you safe. Our alert bracelets are comfortable wristbands with the secure fit of a watchband. The adjustable band means you can set the fit to hug your wrist. The medic bracelet will feel like it was made for you.
  • The alarm button at your fingertips. With the medical bracelet secured around your wrist, your help button stays with you. Don’t fear accidentally pressing your button. Alert1 offers unlimited button presses for no additional charge. We will always be there for you, even if it’s a false alarm.
  • A showerproof design. The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house for a senior emergency. Your alert bracelet is showerproof, so you can wear it while bathing. You’ll stay safe while shampooing your hair. 

Tell Me More About Medical Alert Bracelet Systems

Medical Alert Bracelet.alert1 medical alert systems

Whether at home or on the go, Alert1 has a medical alert system for you. Our home systems and PAX Plus system will keep you safe while moving around your home. Each medical alert has some unique highlights, including:

  • Keeping you safe at night. It can be hard to sleep at night with a pendant around your neck. That’s why an alarm bracelet is the perfect option. With Alert1 systems, you will have peace of mind while you sleep with your medic alert bracelet on.  
  • Communicating through the base station. If you think there’s an intruder in your house, press the button on your wristband. One of our Command Center operators will come on the line through your base unit to ask if you’re alright. They can send a patrol car to you to make sure everything’s alright.
  • Giving you the freedom to switch up your look. When you order either our home medical alert system or the PAX Plus, you’ll receive a pendant to wear around your neck and a bracelet for your wrist. You get to choose how you want to wear your button every day.

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What Is a Medical ID Bracelet?

Medical ID Bracelet.alert1 medical alert systems

A medical alert bracelet gets you help in an emergency. A medical ID bracelet lists any known health conditions. The perfect companion to your medical alarm bracelet, Alert1 offers medical ID bracelets for you to wear in any emergency. Even if you can’t speak, your medical ID will do the talking for you.

  • Medical information stays with you. By wearing a medical ID bracelet, you won’t have to worry about telling EMS about any medications. EMS know to look for a medic alert bracelet during an emergency response.
  • Different sizes for comfortable wear. Our medical ID bracelet comes in two sizes for easy wear. Made out of high quality stainless steel, the stretch band expands to fit over your hand. Never worry about losing your medical alert bracelet again.
  • Compliments your medical alert. Alert1’s Circle of Care lets you set up your non-verbal protocol for any emergencies where you can’t speak. A medical ID bracelet is a Circle of Care for your health information. Even if you can’t speak, EMS will know what treatment protocol to follow by referencing your medic alert ID bracelet.

Why Get an Alert1 Medical Alert?

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At Alert1, your safety is our top priority. That’s why we strive to go above and beyond every day to bring you peace of mind. Here are some of the top reasons our members love us.

  • No long-term contracts. We will never lock you in. With three easy payment plans, you can choose to pay annually, quarterly, or monthly. You’re free to cancel at any time, though we will be sorry to see you go. Alert1 costs much less than the standard Life Alert costs.
  • Never outsourcing calls. With two TMA 5 Diamond Certified Command Centers here in the United States, we treat you like family. After you press your help button, one of our highly trained operators will come on the line ready to send you the help you need.
  • Complete customization of emergency response. Don’t want EMS showing up every time you need help? No problem. With Alert1’s Circle of Care, you can choose up to three people for us to call first before local EMS.
  • We stay on the line. In any emergency, we won’t leave you alone. Our Command Center operator will stay on the line with you until help arrives. Never fear being along in an emergency again.

Get Started With a Medical Alert Bracelet Today

Don’t put off peace of mind until tomorrow. Get a medic alert bracelet today. At Alert1, we have the perfect alert bracelet and medical alert system for you.  

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