Convincing Dad to Wear His Alert1 Medical Alert

Dad is a fall risk and has fallen before. His new medical alert, PAX Plus home + fall detection will keep him safe at home and on the go, but he insists that he doesn’t want to wear it. You got him the PAX Plus to have a mobile fall detection pendant to wear outdoors and two smaller pendants to choose from while wearing at home. But you keep finding the alert system stashed in his nightstand drawer!

Dad’s given you plenty of excuses, but you just want him to be safe and wear his alert. That's why Alert1 is here with some verbal tools you can use whenever you hear one of his excuses.  

“I Can Always Use the Phone”

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Dad is convinced that he will always be able to reach the phone after he falls to call for help. But you know that might not always be the case. Instead of starting an argument, highlight these points.

  • He can’t plan falls. Falls are unexpected. Dad could fall in any room and will likely have no way to reach the phone. With his PAX Plus home pendant around his neck or wrist, all he would need to do is press the button.
  • He could end up unconscious. Falls carry the risk of your loved one being knocked unconscious. If Dad hits his head during a fall, he won’t be able to reach for the phone while unconscious. That’s why the automatic fall detection in his medical alert is there for him.
  • He might be disoriented. It’s hard to be cognizant after hard fall while in pain. Dad might not remember where to find the phone after a fall. His mobile medical alert with fall detection means he won’t have to worry about finding a way to call for help. His medical alert will send help automatically.

Bottom line: There’s no way to guarantee Dad’s safety after a fall if the phone is nowhere in sight. His medical alert stays with him, bringing help to him at the push of a button or after fall sensors are triggered.

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“I Don’t Want to Look Old”

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Dad is determined that he’s not going to be a stereotypical ‘old person’. He’s afraid that using a medical alert means he’s now part of that stereotype. It’s important for you to emphasize that’s not going to happen.

  • Show him the small and discreet pendant. Alert1’s medical alerts are designed to be discreet. None of our pendants are bigger than the palm of Dad’s hand. He won’t have to worry about his medical alert being noticeable while on the go.
  • Help him customize his medical alert device. Let Dad know that he’s not stuck with one way to wear his mobile alert with fall detection. He can slip the pendant into his shirt or clip his mobile alert to his belt loop. No one will be the wiser.
  • Tell him he won’t be seen as ‘old’. Alert1 serves members of all ages. Our members use their alerts for food allergies and to keep children safe while walking to school. Tell Dad that perceived age shouldn’t hold him back from wearing his medical alarm button.

Bottom line: Dad wants to avoid looking old.  His medical alert is customizable, so he can wear it how he likes. Get Dad an Alert1 accessory as an added bonus.

“I Won’t Remember to Wear It”

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Dad’s memory is still as sharp as a whip. You don’t buy his argument that he never remembers to wear his alert. Let Dad know that you’re here to help him get used to wearing his new mobile help button.

  • Help build a habit. It’s going to take some time for Dad to get used to wearing his medical alert. Help him create the habit of wearing his medical alert all the time. Check in with him at the same time each day to ask if he has it on.
  • Give plenty of reminders. Place sticky notes around his house with the question, “do you have your medical alert on?” written down. Dad will see these notes while brushing his teeth, making coffee, and getting the paper. Notes will help him build that new habit.  
  • Keep the charger in the same spot. Have Dad put his medical alert charger on the bedside table at night. He can place his PAX Plus in to charge when he goes to bed, and slip on the classic wristband for safety while he sleeps.

Bottom line: Dad will remember to wear his PAX Plus medical alert, but it takes time to build the habit. Keep up the reminders whenever you see him.

“I Love My New Medical Alert”

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Stay patient with Dad—keep checking in with him about wearing his new medical alarm help button. With these verbal tools in your back pocket, you’ll be ready for any reason he might have for stashing it in his drawer. Before you know it, Dad will love his new PAX Plus medical alert with fall detection, and you both will enjoy greater peace of mind. 

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