What You Should Know Before Buying a Medical Alert

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When you’re choosing a medical alert system for the first time, there are many things to consider.  Many companies offer different payment plans, different systems, and each have different return policies. Luckily, Alert1 has the answers!

Alert1 makes it easy and affordable to buy a medical alert and we are happy to clear up any questions you may have. As you compare competing medical alerts, Alert1 stands out for affordable and transparent pricing. 

How much does a medical alert system cost?

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  • Home Medical Alert is only a month paid annually. Check our pricing against our competitors like Life Alert to see how affordable it is to stay safe. Alert1’s Home Medical Alert costs less than $1 per day for peace of mind. Check out how we stack up against Life Alert costs.
  • Home Fall Detection is a month paid annually. Fall Detection will make sure that your loved one gets help, even if they can’t press the button. Advanced fall detection sensors in the help button will automatically detect a fall and get immediate help.
  • Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert is a month paid annually. The Kelsi mobile pendant gives peace of mind on-the-go. Whether you’re out on a walk, running errands, or traveling the country, you can get help in seconds.
  • Kelsi Pro Mobile Fall Detection is our most popular medical alert at  paid annually. This is Alert1’s ultimate mobile alert, with both fall detection technology and mobile coverage.

We are proud to offer low prices to our members. If you want flexibility in how often you pay, we offer monthly and annual payments. We want our medical alert systems to be accessible and affordable.

Unlike some of our competitors, Alert1 doesn’t spend money on flashy television ads. We don’t pay for expensive celebrity endorsements. This passes on the savings to our members.

But we don’t cut quality for cost. All Alert1 members get 24/7 protection, access to industry-leading Command Centers, and a powerful microphone and speaker. This ensures we can hear you, you can hear us, and you can get the help you need.

We offer many upgrades if you crave more than our most affordable model. You can find a medical alert system that fits the lifestyle of you or your loved one.

Are there hidden fees?

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There are no hidden fees. At Alert1, we are proud of our transparency in pricing with no hidden costs. We are upfront about the prices on our website. And unlike our competitors, we don’t need you to request a brochure or give us a call for a quote. There’s no extra equipment you need to buy, or any charges that we won’t tell you about. When you choose Alert1, the price you see is what you pay.

How can I pay?

Alert1 accepts credit cards and checks through automatic withdrawal (ACH). We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Ordering is easy—you can pay securely online or order a medical alert system by phone. Knowledgeable and helpful Alert1 representatives will be more than happy to answer your call.

You can order a new medical alert system online in about 10 minutes. Expedited and same-day shipping is available if you need a medical alarm as soon as possible. 

Where have you been reviewed?

We rank high for customer satisfaction, clearness of business terms, and transparent, affordable pricing. Alert1 is proud to be upfront and honest in the medical alert industry.

When you buy an Alert1 medical alert pendant, we understand that you choose our trust. It is our duty to keep you or your loved one safe. After all that time, you can be sure that we have the resources and knowledge to help you stay independent. 

Why choose Alert1?

When you are searching for a medical alert system, you deserve to know what you’re buying.  We are able to offer you the lowest prices, in the most honest nature. When you choose Alert1, you can be assured that you’ll receive the best care and peace of mind as you age in place. No one deserves to live in the fear of fall or injury. When you are choosing peace of mind for you or your loved one, you deserve the best.