7 Ways For Seniors To Avoid Heatstroke

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Updated 7/17/17 12:04pm | As summer rolls around, it's important for seniors beat the heat and manage high temperatures outdoors. The elderly become more sensitive to heat as they get older. Also, many seniors that take multiple medications that may make them more susceptible to heatstrokes. To keep you and your loved ones safe, here are some tips for dealing with the hot weather.

Bring your Senior Help Button

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The Alert1 PAX Mobile Fall Detection System is a wireless system that your senior can take anywhere. In the summer months, seniors are at high risk for heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and heat cramps. This mobile medical alert helps you beat the heat in three key ways.

  • Get fast help. With a push of a button, you or your senior can get any assistance you need. If you feel ill from the heat, we'll help you in a timely manner. 
  • Detects your falls automatically. Even if you can't speak or fall unconscious, the PAX mobile medical alert will detect your fall and signal for help. Alert1 will always be there for every emergency.
  • Travel across all 50 states. You don't have to be stuck at home this summer. With the Alert1 PAX mobile medical alert, you can travel around the United States with 24/7 protection. 


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

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Because of high temperatures, we sweat more. In order to maintain a healthy body, seniors need to stay hydrated to prevent heatstrokes.

  • Sip liquids consistently. When we sweat, we lose the minerals that help us absorb the nutrients essential to a healthy body.
  • Add electrolytes. While water is always an excellent option, you may want to also incorporate drinks that have electrolytes. These drinks help replace the minerals you lose from sweathing.
  • Stay away from caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic, and makes it much easier for the body to become dehydrated.

Change Your Wardrobe


If your senior is planning to be outside for most of their day, make sure they are wearing loose, breathable clothing. This prevents heat from getting trapped against their body. Consider these summer essentials for your closet.

  • Stock up on light colored clothes. These also beneficial because they reflect the sun and do not absorb the heat.
  • Cover with a wide brimmed hat. This very useful to keep the sun off their head, neck and shoulders.
  • Add a pair of sunglasses. Aging eyes take longer to adjust to changes in light than their younger. Sunglasses will protect your eyes and make you look stylish.

Avoid Hot Foods


Summer is a great time to enjoy burgers and hot dogs at a picnic. However, too much hot food can increase the risk of heat exhaustion. To keep you and your loved one cool, try these healthy, chilled alternatives.

  • Prepare them a salad or smoothie. Not only are they healthy, but are fast to make on a hot summer day.
  • Sip on chilled avocado soup. It may seem strange to drink cold soup, but this dish packs several nutrients that's easy to digest.
  • Share a fruit platter. Get together with friends and enjoy seasonal fruits. Fruits are a healthy, sweet treat that's convenient to make.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

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While staying indoors can be relaxing with the AC, you probably want to go out. However, the hot weather and direct sunlight can make it unbearable to stay out too long. Enjoy your summer outdoors with these tips.

  • Go during early morning and late evening hours. Temperatures will still be warm, but they will be easier to bear compared to midday.
  • Wear sunscreen. If your senior needs to go outside, adding on sunscreen will protect their skin from burning. Make sure they are wearing SPF 30 or higher.
  • Stay under the shade. Do you best to walk on sidewalks with plenty of shade from trees or roofs. You can even bring an umbrella to avoid direct sunlight.

Enjoy Cooler Baths


Baths are relaxing and comfortable. However, taking too many hot baths or showers can cause overheating in the room. If you're bathroom starts feeling like a sauna, you could be at risk for heat exhaustion. 

  • Stick to cool or lukewarm temperatures. This temperature will feel refreshing after a long, hot day outdoors. With cold showers, your body will stay cool and chilled.
  • Shorten hot shower time. If you do like the heat, shower for no longer than ten minutes. This will prevent burning from the high temperature.
  • Wet a cold towel. You may not be near a shower or bath to cool off instantly. In this case, place a chilled, wet towel around your neck to cool off.

Know the Warning Signs

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Your senior doesn’t have to stay indoors during the hotter months. When you take the right precautions, you and your aging loved ones can have a cooland enjoyable summer.

In the heat, try to check on your loved one at least twice a day. If your senior begins to experience dizziness, breathing problems, rapid heartbeat, headache, nausea, or fainting, press their Alert1 emergency call button or call 911. 


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