How to Make Your Home Senior Friendly

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The home is where the heart is, a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation. Yet, at times it does not feel this way. Maybe every night you have to leave your warm bed to turn off the lights. On your way you stub your toe on that boot in the middle of your room. There are many simple adjustments to your home that will make your life easier, and ultimately make your home safer. You want to be comfortable in your home, not scared of falling and injuring yourself. Keeping your home senior safe will require a few changes, but you will love the peace of mind you get in return.

Alert1 wants to help you stay safe in your home as you enjoy your golden years. To help you do this, we have created a series of articles discussing how to age in place safely. Aging in place is staying in your home as long as possible as you age. The best way to safely and comfortably enjoy your home is to prepare it for your changing needs. Let’s go through each room of your house and look at how to make it senior safe.

Making Your Kitchen Senior Friendly

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The kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in your home. This is why prepping your kitchen for safety should be a priority. You can prevent fires and falls with some simple adjustments. These changes are not just for safety either – you will love how much easier your kitchen is to use.

Avoid fires:

Prevent falls:

  • Install plentiful lighting.
  • Add non-slip mats in areas prone to spills.
  • Keep floors clear of clutter.
  • Do not leave cabinets and drawers open.

Make your life easier:

  • Keep essentials within reach.
  • Store heavy items at waist level.
  • Get an automatic medication dispenser.
  • Install an automatic stove shut-off.
  • Put in a Lazy Susan.

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Making Your Bathroom Senior Friendly

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The bathroom is an especially important room to prepare for aging in place. Bathrooms are full of unforgiving surfaces. Tile, porcelain, cast iron, marble, and granite do not cushion falls well. But with some small adjustments your bathroom can be a sanctuary of safety.

 Items that make your life easier and safer:

  • Support bars.
  • Tension poles.
  • Shower seats.
  • Elevated toilet seats.
  • Winged faucet handles.
  • Anti-scald shower valves.

Prevent falls with:

  • Plentiful lighting.
  • No-slip mats in the shower.
  • Clear floors.
  • Toiletries within reach.

Renovations that make your bathroom accessible:

  • Curbless shower.
  • Walk-in bath.
  • Roll in shower.
  • Wide doorways.

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Making Your Bedroom Senior Friendly

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The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation in your home. Yet this room can be hazardous since you use it when you are most unaware. Waking up and going to sleep tired at the end of the night can make your bedroom prone to accidents. There are ways to make your room a place of safety.

Make your life easier:

  • Install grab bars next to bed.
  • Put handrails on bed.
  • Adjust bed height.
  • Use a firm mattress.

Brighten your bedroom: 

  • Install rocker light switches.
  • Set up lighting at your door and next to your bed.
  • Install clapping lights.
  • Have a nightlight.

Prevent falls:

  • Have a portable toilet in bedroom.
  • Keep the floor clear.
  • Have a sturdy chair with arms to sit on and get dressed.
  • Keep frequently used items within easy reach.
  • Have a medical alert system close by.

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Making Your Yard Senior Friendly

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Getting your yard prepped for senior safety has a huge amount of benefits. You will love spending more time in your garden enjoying the sunshine. Less yard maintenance means more time for the activities you love. Enjoy gardening and your outdoor hobbies without having to worry about other upkeep tasks.

Gardening safety:

  • Consider installing an accessible garden.
  • Store gardening tools within easy reach.
  • Keep yard chemicals clearly labeled and dated.

Walkway Safety:

  • Keep walkways level.
  • Make sure walkways are clear.
  • Install plentiful lighting.

Home Entrance Safety:

  • Install a ramp.
  • Put handrails on ramp or stairs.
  • Install a curb on the ramp.

Winter Safety:

  • Hire help to shovel steps and walkways.
  • Wear boots with non-skid soles.
  • If you use a cane, replace the rubber tip before it is worn smooth.

Remember These Tips:

  • Pick up objects correctly.
  • Post no soliciting signs.
  • Wear your medical alert pendant.
  • Aim to have a low or no maintenance yard.
  • Have access to shoveling services in winter and yard maintenance in summer.

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Keep Driving Safely

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Remaining safe not only in your home, but on the road is important for seniors. It is easy to get comfortable driving and forget to regularly ask ourselves if we are being safe. Driving represents freedom to go where you want, when you want. The ability to visit friends, go shopping and to the movies, all without relying on someone else.  Make sure you stay safe with these senior safe driving tips. 

  • Invest in a car with safety features and technology that prevents accidents.
  • Avoid night driving.
  • Take a DMV refresher course.
  • Get yearly vision and hearing checks with your doctor.
  • It’s okay to stop driving and use other transportation options.

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How Can A Medical Alert System Keep You Safe?

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At Alert1, your safety is our priority. You will be in good hands with a medical alert system by your side. We give you the peace of mind to live without worry. We want you to continue to live independently and keep doing activities you love. It’s better to be safe than sorry. We urge you to stay senior safe with a medical alert system by your side so you can always get help fast. 

What Types Of Medical Alerts Are There?

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Stay senior safe in and around your home:

Our home medical alert system can give you all the protection you need as you age in place. Ranging about 600ft around the base station, this medical alert system can protect you throughout your home and yard. As with all our products, we stay on the line with you until help arrives so you are never alone in your time of need.

Stay senior safe on the go:

Our mobile medical alert system can protect you no matter where you go. The mobile medical alert pendant is shower safe so you can take it with you into the bathroom. With built in location technology we can pinpoint your location to keep you safe, even if you don’t know where you are.

Stay senior safe with home fall detection:

Fall detection is the perfect upgrade for your home medical alert. Your fall detection pendant will automatically call for help if it senses you have fallen. This extra security will give you the peace of mind to stay safe and independent. 

Stay senior safe with mobile fall detection:

Our newest product, mobile fall detection, combines all of your favorite safety features into one small pendant. The help button contains fall detection technology that will automatically call for help in case of a fall, if you are unable to push the button. You can take this mobile fall detection system anywhere in the U.S. Don’t worry if you don’t know where you are, we can pinpoint your location using GPS technology and get you the help you need. 

Stay Senior Safe Aging in Place

So you have chosen to age in place. The key to successful aging in place is preparation. With some small changes throughout your home you get to enjoy staying in the place you love safely. Preparation now means you can live your retirement to the fullest. Enjoy your golden years living independently in your home like you deserve.