What To Know Before Moving Mom And Dad Into Your Home

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When you were growing up, you depended on your parents to take care of you. Years later, the roles have reversed. You are independent, but your parents are beginning to depend on you.

Now, you find yourself visiting to check in on them and help around the house daily. Things they used to be able to do, like the laundry, seem like an impossible task.

Watching your parents lose their independence as they age is hard, but watching them struggle is even harder. The best solution could be moving Mom and Dad into your home. Here’s what you need to know before moving them in.

Move Your Parents In To Avoid Assisted Living

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No one likes living amongst strangers in an unfamiliar place. Moving your parents into your home is better than moving them to an assisted living facility.

Your parents will:

  • Age in place comfortably. Aging in place means Mom and Dad stay home for as long as possible while they age. It allows them to enjoy the comforts of your home with little change to their lifestyle. Your home is a familiar environment, and your parents will be around their loved ones.
  • Remain happy. Just the thought of a retirement home could hurt their feelings. If you take them in, you will keep your parents happy. Moving Mom and Dad into your home will show that you care about them and foster a strong relationship.
  • Save money. Assisted living is an expense not everyone can afford. Moving them into your home will save money in the long run. Remember to invest in an Alert1 medical alert for your home. A medical alert will be there for them when you’re not home. It’s cheaper than assisted living, and gives everyone peace of mind.

Be Aware Your Current Lifestyle Will Change


Keep in mind that when you move your parents in, you must be prepared for some aspects of your life to change. Now Mom and Dad will be around all the time, not just for weekly dinners.

You will:

  • Lose privacy. Mom and Dad are going to be living with you, so you can expect to lose some privacy. The upside? You will have someone to keep you company while you do laundry, learn home-cooked recipes, and binge-watch Netflix.
  • Experience household changes. Mom and Dad might shuffle things around the house to their liking. Maybe they changed the temperature on the thermostat, or moved an item from one room to another. All they’re doing is trying to settle in and be comfortable. Attend to their needs and try to figure out the best living situation in your home.
  • Share your personal time. If your parents need help with daily tasks, you are acting as their caregiver. You may have to stop going out for Friday night dinner as often because Mom and Dad need help at home. Plan accordingly so that you don’t have to sacrifice so much, or even bring them along. They would enjoy spending time with you outside of the house. 

Make Your Home Senior-Friendly

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You move around your home just fine, but that might not be the case for Mom and Dad. There are many dangers that hide in plain sight. Alert1’s home fall detection system sends help fast, as well as a general medical alert system but it’s wise to take extra preventive measures. 

To make your home senior-friendly, you should:

  • Repair uneven or cracked areas outside of the house. Walkways in your yard may be okay for you to walk, but your parents can easily trip. Repair trouble areas like these so you prevent your parents from getting injured.
  • Make your stairs safer. Install handrails along the stairwell. As your parents age, it becomes difficult to go up and down steps. Handrails make it safer by giving them something to grab. You can also paint steps with alternating colors to make each one more visible. If your home is multistoried, accommodate your parents downstairs.
  • Mount grab bars in the bathroom. As our parents age they become more susceptible to falls. The bathroom is especially dangerous, as it is the number one location responsible for slips and falls. Grab bars in the bathroom give your parents something to hold as they step in and out of the shower.
  • Add shower safety features. Get a shower bench for them to sit comfortably while they bathe. Install a handheld showerhead so your parents can easily wash themselves from a seated position. Place a non-slip mat in the shower, and a non-slip rug outside of the shower to prevent falls.

Be Optimistic

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Your parents took care of you for many years, and it is time to return the favor. Moving Mom and Dad into your home has many benefits. You will spend quality time with your parents and create many new memories while having them in your home.

Mom and Dad appreciate being cared for, and will have a chance to live with their loved ones. Taking your parents in is cheaper than assisted living, even after a few simple home modifications. Aging can be a difficult time, but Mom and Dad will learn to love aging in place from the comforts of your home.

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