6 Cheap Products to Help Seniors Age in Place

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Updated 8/1/17 11:49 am | Alert1 works with caregivers to prepare aging loved ones for independent senior living. As you grow older, tasks that were once easy can become more difficult or dangerous. So what's the savvy modern senior to do? You want to stay in your home, but maybe your home isn't a safe place to be.

Thankfully, there are many simple, cost-effective products that allow you to live as you want easily and safely from the comfort of your home. Highlighted below are 6 products to help you age in place for less than $300.

1. Shower Power Chair

Shower Power Chair

$66. Featuring a backrest and adjustable legs, you can shower safely and comfortably with ashower chair. And don’t worry about getting your senior medical alert system wet, as all our products are shower proof. 

2. Shower head

Shower Head

$57. Theshower headallows you to reach all of those hard to reach areas without too much effort. Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness! If you’re concerned about aging loved ones slipping in the shower, our fall detection medical alert system will curb any worries you may have.

3. Non-slip Shower/BathTub Mat

Non-slip shower mat

$25. Unfortunately, many falls happen in the shower. Help to prevent those slips by putting down ashower mat. There are also nonslip mats you can place in the kitchen to keep your aging parents safe and comfortable.

4. Medical Alert System

Alert Pendant

Starting at /month. Perhaps the most important service you can buy for your safety is a medical alert system for seniors. Whether you’ve fallen, you need emergency services, or just need your neighbor to come by, with the push of a button, you will quickly be connected to help.  

5. Grab Bar

Grab bar

$29. Available at most hardware stores, put a grab bar in your bathroom by the toilet, or in the shower. Home safety projects like these will give your senior firm handles to grasp while using in the bathroom. Your loved one will remain well balanced and out of harm’s way. Unless you are a handy(wo)man, have someone else install it for you. 

6. Reacher

Reacher for seniors

$29. This is an indispensible product to almost anyone, no matter their age. Whether you’ve dropped something or aren’t quite tall enough, a reacher will help you get it by adding almost three feet to your range. 

Equip Seniors with Tools for Aging in Place

Considering one in three adults over 65 experience falls, caregivers need as much help as they can get. Precautionary measures such as the ones mentioned above can reduce the fall risk of seniors. These are some of the many inexpensive but effective products that you can purchase to assist you with your daily needs. Seniors can successfully age in place with these added items in their senior toolkits. Not only will caregivers reduce their stress levels but seniors will also be relieved at how much easier daily tasks become. If the unthinkable happens and your loved one is at risk, they’ll need immediate care and attention. Sign your loved one up today for a fall detection medical alert.