Senior Alarm Systems Help People with Impaired Memory

Senior alarm systems can help with a variety of situations. From stumbles and falls to minor car accidents and allergic reactions, these devices are designed to suit any emergency. But most users don’t recognize just how helpful a medical alert system can be, especially for people with impaired memory. If you or your loved one is living with dementia, or any other neurodegenerative condition, a personal alert system can help.

We will never penalize members for overusing their devices. In fact, we don’t think it’s possible to press your emergency button too many times.

Alert1 provides comprehensive security for all types of emergencies. If you or your cognitively-impaired loved one requires assistance, our Command Center is on stand-by at all times and can be reached with just the press of a button.

How Can Senior Alarm Systems Help People with Dementia?

Most people think that medical alarm systems only help those who have a risk of falling. While this is a great alert system application, these devices have a broader range of use, including helping members who are lost, disoriented, confused, or frightened. Importantly, an alert system can bring timely aid to a memory-impaired family member in the midst of crisis. Alert1 is specifically equipped to handle this.

Alert1 members create a personalized Circle of Care, which is a network of family, friends, and emergency providers specifically designated to be notified in the event of an emergency. When they press their call button, the Command Center operator notifies the pre-determined contacts. For example, if you or your loved one is having an allergic reaction, we will contact local emergency services.

For a minor incident, we will contact the Circle of Care and stay on the line with you or your loved one until the situation is appropriately resolved. This is just one case where a medical alert system can improve quality of life.

Alert1 will never penalize its members for pressing their buttons and there are no usage limits. Many other alert system companies can limit or cancel service for people who use their devices too much. Is this true? If yes, leave it. If no, please delete. This will never be the case with Alert1.

Seniors with memory loss and impairment who are seeking a greater sense of confidence and security would benefit from our home alert system with fall detection, one of our most popular services. But, for active seniors who are on-the-go, we recommend a mobile unit with GPS. This is a great option if you or your loved one tends to get lost or disoriented. Using cell towers and Wi-Fi, we can pinpoint location when the alarm button is pressed.


Alert1 offers additional products to aid with memory loss. Our automatic medication dispenser can help members remember to take their medication. Our products are built with senior safety and well-being in mind. Whether you need senior medical alarm systems to assist with dementia or other medical needs, we are here to help.