Medical Alert Systems vs. Senior Assisted Living

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Updated 8/14/15 3:26pm | Alert1’s senior medical alert systems aren’t always the right choice for every family. Deciding where your father or mother should live is one of the hardest decisions you will have to make. Should mom live in an independent living facility or choose assisted living? Should they move in with me or can they age in place at home? Which homecare option is the best?

This post explores the top three factors when deciding between Alert1 and assisted living.


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Alert1 Cost vs Assisted Living:

On a cost basis, a medical alert system for seniors is the most affordable option. According to a Genworth survey of long-term care providers, the annual cost of a room in assisted living is $87,600. Assuming your mom spends three years in assisted living, that room would cost $262,800. That’s far more than an Ivy League education!

Let’s say you opt for a semi-private assisted living room instead. That’s $77,380, it’s little less than a private room but still a hefty amount. If the senior costs of living continue to rise relative to inflation, there is a slim chance that more than a handful will be able to afford such care.

Alert1 is a and a much more affordable than assisted living. With Alert1, your mom receives medical attention only when she needs it. At the push of button from your alert pendant, your mom can alert the emergency operators at our 24-hour emergency monitoring center. The price of this aging in place option is much less– only $300 per year.

When it comes to cost, Alert1 is the clear winner.

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Seniors and Familiar Surroundings

Alert1 keeps you in familiar surroundings. Assisted living does not.

Assisted living means moving mom from her home. This might leave her without the items she treasures. The move displaces her from the community she has spent years involved in. For some seniors, this can be a traumatic experience.

In comparison, aging in place with Alert1 means staying in her home. It means continuation of her life. It means keeping the memories alive and building new ones. No displacement. No traumatic experiences. And for many, better outcomes.

On the criteria of familiar surroundings, Alert1 is the clear winner. 

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Social Engagement for Seniors

 Social interaction is vital to senior’s health and happiness. Assisted living facilities ensure an active social life. People are everywhere, and no one is completely alone for the entire day. Your mom’s new best friend could be right next door. Meals are akin to social hour. Communities put the social life in the residents’ hands. Social committees help plan events, bring in entertainment, and exercise together. This empowers residents and makes sure they always have something to do.

But, an Alert1 system doesn’t bring any more programming or social activity to your loved one’s life. Seniors remain active members of their community as they age, others do not. Some seniors increase internet use to keep active socially but for many seniors, going out becomes harder with age.

When it comes to social interaction, assisted living facilities beats Alert1. 

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Our Senior Champion is…

After three even rounds, Alert1 comes out on top. First, aging in place reduces the costs of aging. Second, your loved one does not have to leave home and hearth. For many, this is priceless. Finally, while the social elements of assisted living appeal to some, uprooting your life is not for everyone.

Regardless of living choice, your job is to help your parents pursue their happiness. If they are choosing to age in place, Alert1 is the company seniors can trust. You can rest assured that you made the right decision for your family. 

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