6 Misconceptions About Medical Alert Systems

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Updated 7/31/17 | Just last week you heard about a medical alert device saving an elderly man’s life. He lives alone and had fallen in the kitchen. Instead of lying there for hours, he was able to use his medical alert to get help right away. This makes you wonder if a medical alert device is something you should consider for your family.

You might ask yourself, “Am I too young to get one?” or, “My grandma doesn’t live alone, she doesn’t need one, right?” These are two common misconceptions about medical alert systems, and they’re not the only ones. If you're considering purchasing a medical alert system, take a look at these 6 misconceptions:

"Medical Alerts are Just for Seniors"

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The biggest misconception about medical alert systems is that they’re only for the elderly. But here is the truth about it:

  • While medical alert systems are unquestionably senior-friendly, anyone can use them! Our help buttons are designed to assist people of all ages.
  • It doesn't matter if you’re a 14-year-old with a heart condition or a 33-year-old with a risk of stroke. Medical alert systems are there to provide immediate medical help to anyone.  
  • For less severe cases, like your 5-year-old with a peanut allergy, a medical ID bracelet is a suitable option. The bracelet allows the wearer to have all their medical information easily accessible on their wrist. This way, first responders know exactly what treatment is necessary.

"Grandma Doesn’t Live Alone"

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It’s great that Grandma doesn’t live alone, but is someone by her side 24/7? If Grandma lives with a caretaker, with Grandpa, or even with you, there will be moments where she is alone.

  • Her caregiver is going to need a break, Grandpa likes his afternoon naps, and you’re going to need to leave the house eventually.
  • These moments are what medical alert systems are perfect for. They are made to provide care and assitance fast, 24/7.
  • Alert1 medical alert systems are always at work and never take vacations. When emergency strikes, every minute matters. With our loved ones, we never want to take chances.

"Grandma’s Never Fallen"

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It's great that Grandma is remaining independent and hasn't had a fall. But the reality is that dangers lurk in plain sight. A medical alert is a safety measure that creates peace of mind by always being prepared for the unexpected.
  • No one can predict when an accident will occur. Think of a medical alert system as car insurance.  
  • You wouldn’t wait until after an accident has already occurred to get insurance. You purchase it beforehand to ensure you’re covered if something does happen.
  • A medical alert system is Grandma’s safety insurance. If an accident does happen, you have peace of mind knowing she will get the help she needs. 



"They’re Embarrassing and Ugly"

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Some seniors feel medical alert systems are a declaration of the end of their independence. However, this isn’t the case at all. Medical alert systems give seniors more independence.

  • If Grandma is used to living alone, she can continue to do so with a chic medical alert system.
  • Alert1 medical alert systems are sleek and stylish. Our pendant compatible lanyards come in blue bling, purple tiara, pink, and black. Grandma will have plenty of choices to match her floral dresses.
  • Wearing a medical alert system isn't a statement about giving up independence; but instead a fashion statement about understanding the importance of safety.

"They’re Expensive"

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Grandma’s 80th birthday is coming up. You know that an Alert1 medical alert device would be a splendid gift – but you don’t want to break the piggy bank. Her safety is undoubtedly important to you, but with the kids about to go to college, can you afford it? This would cost you an arm and a leg, right? Wrong.

  • Alert1 offers competitive prices. With a wide range of products at affordable prices, we are sure that you will find your loved one a medical alert for their needs.
  • Our monthly and annual plans offer flexibility. Whether you want to pay annually or go month by month, Alert1's plans make it easy for you to to afford safety.
  • Just plug in the system, practice pressing the help button, and Grandma’s safety net is ready to go. So go ahead; spoil Grandma on her birthday, she deserves it.



"They Don’t Work if You Don’t Press the Button"

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Let’s say Grandma trips while walking down the hallway. The pain she experiences from the impact renders her paralyzed and she is unable to press the button. What’s the use of the device now? That’s a great question, and the good news is, Grandma doesn’t need to press the button to get help.

  • With Alert1’s mobile fall detection system, pressing the button is an option. If Grandma doesn’t press the button, the pendant will still automatically place a call for help when it senses that a fall has occurred.
  • Even if Grandma gets knocked unconsiounce and cannot speak, help still arrives. This is because Alert1 has both verbal and non verbal protocol. Whether your loved one can speak to the operator or not, Alert1 has backup plans to make sure safety arrives. 
  • Concerned about showers? Slips in the bathroom are common for the elderly. Alert1’s fall detection pendant is 100% shower safe so Grandma will be protected everywhere - even if she isn’t able to press the button.

Medical Alerts are Not What You Thought

Addressing medical alert system misconceptions is the first step to making an informed decision. Now you can decide if a medical alert device is right for your family. 

Safety comes first with all ages. This is why it's key to set aside the age factor when contemplating purchasing an alert device. If Grandma’s never fallen, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared and make sure she’s has access to help when she does need it. After all, safety is always in style.