The Challenges and Concerns of Today’s Seniors

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Seniors look forward to an easier, more relaxing time in their golden years. However, while they anticipate a less stressful way of life, there are still challenges and concerns to face and overcome.

Concern about healthcare and its costs

Seniors understand that as age advances, additional healthcare may be needed. It is important to get regular screenings and make sure that doctor’s appointments are attended. However, all these necessary expenditures can be quite costly.

Seniors also worry about diseases and not just the cost to treat them, but the effects on their lives. Diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia, MS, or osteoporosis are a just a few that can impact one’s day-to-day life.1

Older citizens are also concerned about the aging process in general, which usually means slower reflexes, poorer eyesight and hearing, and weaker bones. Though good nutrition and frequent exercise can combat these symptoms, sometimes they still arrive with age.

Though healthcare and its costs are concerning to many, there are affordable ways to protect oneself, such as like Alert1’s medical alert systems, which summon fast help at the press of a button in the unfortunate case of an emergency.

Desire to maintain independence

As healthcare needs increase and physical condition begins to decline, there is a fear of losing one’s independence. Alert1 offers in-home medical alert systems that assist seniors in maintaining independent living. Everyday chores like getting groceries, going to doctor’s appointments, and cleaning the house may become more difficult over time.

Risk of falling may also increase depending on one’s strength and stamina, as well as the medications one takes. Alert1 has optional fall detection technology for its personal medical alarms, which automatically senses a trip or fall and sends an emergency alert to our Command Center, where a trained agent can immediately check on your condition and ensure you receive care, if needed.

Ensuring you are always safe and protected is a valid concern, since statistics show that around 1 in 6 people who are 60 years old or older experience some form of abuse in community settings.2 This may be a reason why senior citizens are so hesitant about going to senior living facilities since abuse is higher in places like nursing homes or long-term care facilities.

With Alert1’s medical alert systems, seniors can stay in their homes longer. But even if older adults do transition to a care facility, they can still use the medical alarm pendant, or if they have a caretaker at home and are still on-the-go, Alert1 has products that have built-in GPS location technology so help can be sent to any location, whether one is at home or out and about.

Finances and financial predators

As with most other age groups, seniors also worry about their finances. They usually live on a fixed-income after retirement and must learn to budget efficiently to live comfortably within that income. The cost of living always seems to be on the rise, so it may pose some financial restrictions. However, seniors can always take advantage of senior discounts and budget friendly tips to help them manage effectively.

Unfortunately, effective budgeting isn’t the only concern seniors have when it comes to money matters. They must also be on the lookout for financial predators. Unscrupulous people usually target senior citizens by trying to sell them unnecessary goods and services because they see them as vulnerable and capitalize on their fears. Seniors are perceived as having savings in the bank, owning their homes, and having good credit, which makes them attractive to scammers. You or your loved one may want to invest in a financial advisor or a trusted confidant to help keep finances safe and secure.

It also seems that seniors are less likely to report fraud because they are embarrassed at having fallen for a scam or simply don’t know how to engage the proper authorities.3 Seniors can fall victim to healthcare scams, bad financial advisors, a scam that says their grandchild is in danger, or prescription scams, just to name a few. 

The fear of loneliness

As a person ages, their friends and family age as well. It is common for senior citizens to lose people they love. If you or your loved one is afraid of loneliness becoming a problem, a pet may be a wonderful idea for a daily companion.

It is always important to make sure seniors don’t become isolated. Isolation can lead to depression. A simple phone call or a visit once a week can make all the difference to someone who lives alone.

With Alert1, senior citizens know that there is always help, whenever and wherever it is needed. A medical alarm pendant or emergency button can help people feel less isolated, knowing that our Command Center agents are always standing by.

Fear of a changing world

The changing social climate is also a concern of senior citizens. Along with adjusting to the ever-evolving technology landscape, the world is not the same as it was even a decade ago. There are different social norms as well as lifestyles that may or may not mesh with the culture in which our senior citizens came of age.

Seniors can use their local libraries for free classes on using computers to try to stay up-to-speed on technology, while reading the local newspaper is always a good way to learn about community events. The news is also a great way to stay current on local and world affairs; however, seniors should watch programming that is positive and uplifting as well, to ensure good mental health.

Someone is always there

No matter what concerns senior citizens may have, Alert1’s mission is to provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing help and care is always one button-push away. Alert1 is there for its members 24/7/365, and once they push the button on their medical alert systems, Alert1’s emergency response team stays on the line until the appropriate level of care is received. Just like family and friends, Alert1 is there whenever needed.




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