Presenting Alert1's Guide to Staying Safe in Your Home

Updated 6/22/17 11:31 am

Staying Safe in Your Home

Alert1 helps seniors and those with mobility issues maintain their independence. After all, nothing is more trying than having to uproot your life in your golden years. Our primary interest is to help you age in place in the home you love. A medical alert system can offer peace of mind to you and your loved ones. With your medical alert button, help is just a button press away. For more details on our service, call 1-866-581-4540.

Additionally, there are other important measures to make as you age in place. You’re well aware of the problem areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. In this article we recommend actions to improve the senior-friendliness of your home. These are Alert1’s simple steps to reduce your chances of falls or other incidents.

Seniors Eating / Medical Alert

Kitchen Safety

As you progress in life, you’re prone to overlook day to day actions. This can be especially threatening in the kitchen with open flames, leaking pipes or sharp objects. You may consider installing a smart cooking range that switches off when left unattended. The smart cooking range will also alert your loved ones of a potential incident. You can read other recommendations on modern kitchen appliances here.

How can you better keep kitchen surfaces and floors dry? You never know when your next spill could happen.  A great way to detect broken plumbing or dampness is to install leak sensors near appliances and pipes carrying water. Also slip resistant mats are a must have for areas that collect water or oils. These kitchen safety solutions will keep you out of the frying pan and away from the fire!

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Stovetop monitor by CookStop

Bathroom Safety

As we age, the bathroom becomes a difficult area to navigate. Many of you have concerns about bathing as most falls occur when leaving the shower. Installing a grab bar in the shower can steady your balance and reduce the likelihood of falls. Grab bars are an affordable option to install in your personal shower. An alternative option to the standup shower is a walk-in bath tub.

To keep both your privacy and safety while using the bathroom, you should consider these new technologies. As many incidents happen in the bathroom, precautionary measures can save you from a world of trouble. The cutting-edge bathroom technologies of today are upping the creature comforts of the standard commode. These bathroom recommendations go hand in hand with personal alert buttons, as all our tech is showerproof.

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Drive Medical AquaJoy

Outstanding Protection for Seniors

You want to enjoy every stage of life in the comfort of your home. Alert1 wants to help you through the process. A lifesaving medical alert system is a key component to aging in place. You receive 24/7 immediate help for life's unexpected obstacles, plus deep savings when compared to the costs of Life Alert. We’re at your side when it matters the most, to protect and guide you to safety. To learn more about medical alert systems, call us today 1-866-581-4540.