Phillips Lifeline Pendants and Alert1 Devices, What’s the Difference?

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If you’re searching for medical alert systems, you’ve likely come across the Phillips Lifeline pendant. This popular alert system works similarly to Alert1 products – push the button, get connected to a monitoring center who can transfer you to the contact that can best address your emergency. This simple process allows users to get help quickly and efficiently. 

However, there are several key differences between Alert1 and Lifeline products. If you’re concerned about cost, pacemaker compatibility, and multilingual protection, consider Alert1 as your medical alert solution.

As with many medical alert pendants, Alert1 and Phillips Lifeline have a lot in common. If you’re shopping for a medical alert system, you’ll want to directly compare products and services. The comparison grid below is designed to make that work easier for you. We’ve aligned some of our favorite features with what Lifeline has to offer.

  Alert1  Lifeline 
Home Annual Prices Starting At /mo¹
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No Long-Term Contract Required
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Nationwide Coverage

UL ListedMonitoring center 

Stay on the LineWe stay on the phone until help arrives

Multilingual ProtectionResponders speak over 190 different languages

Same Day Shipping
For 85% or more of orders

Verizon Service Available for On-the-Go Devices

Thayer CertifiedSafe, fair working environment

HIPAA Compliant

TMA 5 Diamond Certified Command Center Ensures that each center meets only the highest standards

Pacemaker Safe Buttons

Online Troubleshooting Guides

No Charges for False Alarms
 Not Listed

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We know that medical alert systems aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. This is why we at Alert1 offer a wide range of device options. If you need additional fall detection, you can have it. If you decide to use a medical alert system outside of your home, we have an on-the-go pendant option. This variety means more people can use our devices. 

As you’ll notice, with multilingual protection, highly certified monitoring centers, and pacemaker compatibility, a wide variety of people can use our products. What’s more, our devices are often less expensive than Phillips options. If you want great service at a lower price, choose a medical alert pendant from Alert1. 

What You Should Know About Lifeline Pendants

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Alert1 and Lifeline medical alert systems have many similarities. Both services excellent will allow members to summon help, even if they can’t speak. Users press the button on their pendant to connect with a care specialist, who will then help assess who they need to contact. Alert1 and Lifeline also provide nationwide coverage, HIPAA compliance, and same-day shipping on many devices.

However, Lifeline services differ in slight but crucial ways. Their website does not say their monitoring center is UL Listed.  Their command center is also not listed as TMA 5 Diamond Certified, so it is difficult to assess their standards. Additionally, Lifeline does not list whether or not they offer multilingual protection - which may mean that non-English speakers cannot use their product easily.

Most importantly, Lifeline products don’t list whether or not they are pacemaker safe. This may not be a problem for some users, but for others, this is a crucial detail. Some electronic devices can interfere with the electrical signals used in pacemakers, rendering them ineffective. Alert1, on the other hand, lists that their medical alerts are pacemaker safe. Alert1 has a highly certified Command Center, and offers multilingual protection. Our services can address the needs of a broad number of people. If you have a special need for your medical alert pendant, we can almost certainly work with your criteria.  

Choose a Medical Alert System that Puts Your Needs First

A variety of people use medical alert systems. Some of us speak Mandarin, others of us have pacemakers. Some of us need to choose the most cost-effective options. Others feel more comfortable with a certified monitoring center. No matter what you need to feel safe and comfortable, Alert1 can guarantee a service to fit your lifestyle.

We know that Lifeline pendants are popular. They offer a device similar to ours and guarantee a similar service. However, we are confident that you will find that with our high levels of service, product and linguistic options, Alert1 is the clear choice.  

¹Pricing of Alert1 annual service plans. Medical alert comparisons and pricing are based on standard rates, temporary promotions may apply, offers subject to change. 
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2Monthly fee for Lifeline  depends on user location and options. Lifeline  website accessed 6/1/2021. Information updated quarterly. Lifeline  is a registered trademark of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.