Why Alert1 Won The 2015 EMSY Award

EMSY Award

Alert1 was chosen as the best of 2015 medical alert. No wonder why Modern Senior Magazine recommends Alert1. Our company’s commitment to customer satisfaction ranks high on our priority list. When it comes to senior safety and independence we ensure that our customers get the help they need.  We provide quick, safe, and reliable systems so seniors can get back up on their feet to live strong and free.

Alert1 is rated number one best of 2015 Medical Alerts

Thayer Certified

Alert1 competes against many other companies that sell medical alert systems. But we differentiate from the others by our high quality of service.

Every employee at Alert1, from our sale agents to our emergency responders, are kind, caring, and professional. No wonder why so many users want Alert1 by their side in an emergency. We take care of our clients with our wide variety of products, transparent pricing and flexible payment methods. John Lee from Modern Senior magazine says “They are definitely the ones you want by your side in an emergency.” 

What is Alert1 known for?

products. alert1 medical alert system

Our versatile systems are a prime reason why Modern Senior Magazine recommends Alert1. Let’s say you only need a system that works in the home - we have that. Let’s say you go out a lot and need a system that you can take anywhere - we have that too. When you join the Alert1 family, you will get the protection you need at any given time. All you need to do is press the button to get help right away!Alert1 has an assortment of products to fit every senior’s lifestyle. We have systems that vary from in and around the home, to systems that you can take anywhere nationwide.

Our most popular products to date are our mobile medical alert systems. First, we have the standard mobile alert system, Kelsi, which works anywhere in the country. It’s a small portable system that will keep you safe wherever life takes you. As an older adult, you should enjoy your independence and safety anywhere. Kelsi comes with a built-in speaker and microphone to allow easy communication with our Command Center. With Alert1 medical alert pendants, you get unlimited button pushes so you do not have to worry about paying extra fees for pressing your button.

Second, our most popular product on the market is our mobile fall detection system also known as PAX. With PAX you get all the features the Kelsi comes with, but with the additional fall detection sensors. This pendant will automatically place a call for help after sensing a fall, even if you are unable to push the button. With built in GPS technology, you do not ever have to worry about getting lost. PAX can pinpoint your location to two meters to send help fast to your location.

Alert1 features transparent pricing

Alert1 does not have hidden fees and all of our prices are shown online. We give you the best value for your money. You can choose to pay in monthly or annual payments. So you have the option to choose which payment method is most convenient for you. 

Get your medical alert system today

Medical Alert Systems

Alert1’s service lets seniors live their lives without fear of medical emergencies. Our priority is to provide a service that fits in with your lifestyle as simply as possible. Our friendly pricing plans are clear and cost effective. Alert1 gives you the room to handle any of life’s surprises.

Alert1 is the recommended #1 medical alarm service by Modern Senior Magazine for 2015 for all of these reasons. Go with Alert1 today as we place great value in honest pricing. We want to provide you with affordable and economical solutions to age in place, with deep savings in comparison to Life Alert costs.

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