What Type of Medical Alert Accessories Are Available?

Looking to purchase the Alert1 Home System? If so, have you thought about how you will wear your button? Here at Alert1, we offer a variety of accessories so you can choose how to wear your medical alert button. Our medical alert button accessories include lanyards, bracelets, wristbands, fancy necklaces, and a wall-mount. It’s up to you to decide how you want to wear your button!

We know everyone has a different style that’s why we offer many options. We also want to make sure you carry your alert button with you at all times and look fashionably good too. Spice things up a bit by changing the way you wear your button! 


When you receive your alert pendant, you can wear your help button around your neck with one of our lanyards. One of the benefits of our pendant is that it is lightweight- you won’t even feel it! You can where your pendant anywhere you want- even in the shower.



If you don’t want to wear your alert button around your neck, no problem! You can choose to wear it as a bracelet. This alarm bracelet feels like you are wearing a watch. Wearing your button on your wrist allows you to take it anywhere around the house as long as it is within 600 feet around the Alert1 medical alert system base unit. It is also waterproof.


Silicone Wristband

Want more than just a basic bracelet? Here at Alert1, we offer the flexibility of choosing a silicone wristband instead. You can wear this wristband all day, every day!

Grey Silicone Wristband

This grey wristband can match with anything. You can wear it down or up; its neutral color gives you many options for your outfits. It has a soft and smooth texture that our members love. This silicone material is very comfortable to wear.

grey wristband


Blue Silicone Wristband

If you are all about the statement colors, this deep blue colored wristband is meant for you. Blue is proven to be the most relaxing color and having it on your wrist will be comforting. Its soft touch is also a plus!

blue wristband


Purple Silicone Wristband

Listen up all you purple lovers, this purple wristband is the new in. This vibrant colored wristband is perfect for any type of event. Purple is a color that stands out, so rock it and let it shine! Just like all the other wristbands, this one is also waterproof.

purple wristband


There is no need to settle for a plain ol’ lanyard when wearing your Alert1 medical alert button. We offer various stylish looking necklaces that are much more fun to wear!

Elegant Onyx          

For you sophisticated seniors, this elegant necklace can be your newest gem. This black and grey beaded necklace does not look like your ordinary alert lanyard- its exquisite. Wear this chic necklace on a fancy night out!

elegant onyx

Blue Bling Gemstone

If you love the color blue and you love to razzle and dazzle, these blue bling gemstones are waiting to be worn. Show off your Alert1 medical alert button with this beautiful blue necklace.

blue gemstone


Purple Tiara Ribbon

Purple is a color for royalty. This Purple Tiara Ribbon necklace will have you feeling like a queen. The sparkling gems give the necklace a feeling of true elegance. The ribbon is a soft lightweight material that is comfortable to wear around the neck. There’s no need to hide your medical alert button with this extravagant necklace!

purple tiara


Silver Bead Necklace

This Silver Bead Necklace is nowhere near an ordinary necklace. This fine piece of jewelry is sophisticated just like our other necklaces, but this one has silver beads, that are accentuated by black beads, and silver flowers.  It is truly one-of-a-kind.

silver bead


Pink Ribbon Necklace

This Pink Ribbon Necklace was created to support the fight against breast cancer. This necklace consists of small pink ribbons and clear beads all around. Show everyone you care about the fight against cancer, and flaunt this necklace everywhere you go. The necklace is lightweight, so you will barely know it is there.

pink ribbon


Black Ice Ribbon

Want to feel dazzling? This necklace will have you feeling glamorous and more! This Black Ice Ribbon consists of silver beads that shine bright in the light. You will feel like a sparkling diva with this ribbon around your neck. Don’t let the gems fool you; this necklace is lightweight and comfy to wear.

black ice necklace


Do you forget where you leave your keys sometimes? Small objects, like your alert button, can easily be misplaced. But you’ll never have to lose your emergency button! Here at Alert1 we offer a wall-mounted emergency button so that our members will never misplace their button. Consider mounting your button near a bathtub (don’t worry it is showerproof!) or near your bed. One of the many benefits of this wall-mounted alert button is that the battery lasts more than two years.

wall mount

Modern Senior Living

All of the modern seniors are wearing their medical alert button with style, so join the fun! It’s up you if you want to wear your necklace around your wrist or your neck- choose the option most comfortable for you. Be sure to compare Alert1 to Life Alert costs to see how much you can save over the competition. So what are you waiting for? Be safe and stylish!