If Scary Movie Characters Had Medical Alert Buttons…


Halloween is just around the corner. That means it’s time to bust out our favorite scary movies. From the classics to recently released, horror films are an October movie night staple. At Alert1, we couldn’t help but notice how many scary movie characters needed a mobile medical alert system. Here are 7 characters that could’ve used a medical alert.


Coraline is a kid-friendly Halloween movie. In the film, Coraline thought she was in for a treat when she discovered a "perfect" parallel universe in her new home. But, this was not the picture-perfect place it appeared to be. When the seemingly loving new mother tries to trap her there forever, Coraline needs help and she needs it fast! If only there was a device she could have worn for emergencies like this.

That device should have been an Alert1 mobile medical alert pendant. Using the pendant’s GPS locating technology, emergency help would have been able to find her beyond the trap door of her home. She could have gotten out of that mess and back into the arms of her real loving parents much faster. Hopefully next time Coraline decides to go on an adventure, she will bring along her alert device, just in case. 


Halloween Movie Poster

In the movie Halloween, Laurie went across the street to look for her friends. They had disappeared into the house across the way and hadn’t been seen for a while. When Laurie arrives, she is horrified by what she finds. To her surprise, they are all dead—murdered by Michael Myers. Suddenly, Myers pops out and begins an attempt to get her too.

Laurie could have really used a mobile medical alert in that moment. By pressing her help button, our Command Center would have been alerted. Help would have quickly arrived to her exact location. Michael Myers would not have stood a chance against the quick response times of the Alert1 mobile medical alert. Luckily Laurie was able to survive, but Myers disappeared into the night…never to be seen again.

House of Wax

What would you do if you couldn’t call out for help? Well, with a medical alert device this isn’t a worry. If you press your help button and the Command Center doesn’t hear anything on the other line, help will still be sent. And don't mistake the real thing, compare Alert1 to Life Alert costs to make sure you have the best deal.

If only one of the poor girls from the horror flick House of Wax knew this.  When her mouth was sealed shut, she needed help but there was no way to call for it.  However, she wouldn’t have had this problem if she had a mobile medical alert device. Help would have come to her rescue even with silence on her end of the line. 

Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead

During a zombie apocalypse, a mobile medical alert is a necessity. In Night of the Living Dead, the group trapped in the home really could have used a medical alert. They were stuck inside a boarded up home as zombies relentlessly tried to feast upon them. All the while, no one even knew they were trapped there.

If only the group had a mobile medical alert, they could have alerted the Command Center of their emergency. Police would have been notified and help would have been sent right away. Since they didn’t have any way of calling in help, they had to wait until the sheriff’s department finally discovered them. During the wait, they lost a few group members to the hungry zombies. 

The Strangers

The Strangers Movie Poster

For the couple in The Strangers, a mobile medical alert would have saved them from their torturous night. The couple was enjoying a normal evening at home when strange things began to happen. Soon after, their phones were found burned and broken by the strangers, leaving them stranded. There was no way to get help.

Yet, if they had a mobile medical alert, the couple wouldn’t have had to worry. See, Alert1’s devices don’t hook up to landlines, or any phone for that matter. Even if your phones are no longer working, Alert1’s mobile medical alert will still get you the help you need.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Sally could have used a medical alert system on many occasions throughout her saga in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In the film, Sally ends up being chased by a chainsaw wielding man. Eventually Sally was captured by him and taken to his join his twisted family. Once captured, her many attempts to free herself go unsuccessful.

Sally could've hit her mobile medical alert button if she had one hanging discreetly around her neck. With the system’s unlimited range, it wouldn’t have mattered where the chainsaw man had taken her. Sally would have had emergency services come to rescue her immediately. A mobile medical alert could have saved her and her friends lives.

When a Stranger Calls

What should you have when being chased around by a home intruder? Of course, a medical alert pendant! Jill Johnson could have used one in When a Stranger Calls. A crazy home intruder entered the home she’s babysitting in, and she needed help fast. Instead of risking precious escape time by looking for a phone to call 911, Jill could have pressed the help button on her device. This would have gotten her help much faster. Instead, she is taken on a journey of horror-something no one expects when they take a babysitting job for some extra cash. 

Don’t Be Like a Scary Movie Character

spooky pumpkins

As you can see, seniors are not the only ones who can use a mobile medical alert. All these scary movie characters were once ordinary people when horror struck. Life is unpredictable. Don’t be like these horror movie victims, unable to get help when tragedy strikes. Get a mobile medical alert from Alert1. 

Happy Halloween!