FLOTUS Alert: Michelle Obama turns 50

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Updated 4/16/21 | Alert1 Medical Alerts wishes former first lady Michelle Obama a very happy 50th birthday. Friday, January 17th marked an important transition for the First Lady—at long last she is eligible for membership in AARP and the Alert1 AARP discount program.

Mrs. Obama’s celebrity-studded 50th soiree was reportedly a fabulous event. Attendees included a bevy of famous figures from Bill and Hillary Clinton to Beyoncé to Stevie Wonder.

The dance party was closed off to the press and all attendees were asked to leave cell phones—and social media—at the door. Leaving us to only imagine what the night was like. We respect Mrs. Obama’s decision to not allow social media – we all spend too much time on our phones these days.

That said, some details did leak out. We particularly loved to hear that Mrs. Obama spent much of the night dancing! Rumor has it that John Legend sang the happy birthday song and we are officially jealous.

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Throughout their time in the white house, President Obama and Michelle Obama have loved to celebrate birthdays of independent seniors. Ruby Clodfelter lived through the offices of 18 different US presidents, and on her birthday she received a personalized card from the office of the president. We can with certainty say that Clodfelter has joined the aging elite considering she’s now over 110 years old! We love that the Obamas took the time to recognize Clodelter.

As a fashion icon, Mrs. Obama has a knack for wearing and supporting up-and-coming designers. A memorable moment was her dress designed by Jason Wu, which she wore during the 2009 inauguration night. She is known to take fashion risks, and in doing so she is supporting American designers.

From her 2013 dalliance with bangs to her signature colorful prints, the FLOTUS has a keen sartorial, yet accessible eye. We drool over the high fashion pieces straight off the runway that she has been known to combine with items from J.Crew and Target. Moreover, unlike other First ladies, she’s not afraid to wear the same outfit twice! A more relatable approach for most women.

Beyond being the nation’s fashionista-in-chief, Mrs. Obama has wielded her political clout towards the aim of combating childhood obesity with her Let's Move initiative. The campaigned approached the challenge by revising nutritional guidance for school lunch programs, pressuring food manufacturers to have clearer labels on their products, and compelling retailers to make more fresh food available.

Beyond her career, Mrs. Obama is a wife and a mother. She married Barack Obama in 1992, and together they have two daughters, Malia and Sasha. And you can’t forget Mr. Obama’s promise to his daughters of getting a puppy to live with them in the White House. Bo and Sunny, both Portuguese Water Dogs, have joined the family and captured the hearts of the nation.

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Mrs. Obama has already had many accomplishments in her career and we can’t wait to see what she does next. Happy 50th birthday Mrs. Obama and congratulations on becoming a card-carrying modern senior woman.

Like our friend Ruby, Mrs. Obama is not going to slow down anytime soon. We admire how these two confident women embrace their age while keeping vibrant and young at heart.

How can you achieve the same age milestones while staying independent and vivacious? Alert1 thinks you should consider a medical alert system. We’ve got you covered for all your aging in place needs.

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