The 2017 Guide to New Year's Resolutions

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A New Year means a new you. With 2017 only a few days away, now is the time to make your resolutions.

Did you know that only 8% of people stick to their New Year’s resolutions? Don’t feel dismayed. If you have an action plan, it will be easier to commit to your resolutions.

To make 2017 your greatest year ever, let’s take a look at the most common New Year’s resolutions and Alert1’s tips on how to keep them.

Get Healthy


Every year, 37% of people resolve to get healthier.Whether it’s by losing weight or running a marathon, people want to be healthier for the new year. To commit to your health goals, follow this action plan.

Prioritize small changes. It's overwhelming to start an intense workout and extreme diet on day one. Small changes will make the transition to better health easier. Instead of drastic changes, try not having soda first. Little accomplishments like these will add up to an overall better state of health.

Exercise for fun. Don’t worry about how many calories you burn. You’re more likely to commit to a healthy routine when you enjoy your workout. Explore group classes like Zumba and trampoline jumping. You’ll be more focused on having fun than your sore muscles.

Find an accountable friend. You’ll stay on track with your health resolution if someone holds you accountable. Have a buddy join you for a partner workout, or cook a healthy meal together. Check each other’s progress once a week. The extra motivation will encourage healthy living for the both of you.

Learn Something New

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The new year is the perfect time to explore and learn new things like painting or foreign languages. Wondering how to improve your new skills?  No matter what you’re learning, you can become a pro in no time with this action plan.

Practice every day. When you start learning new skills, you have to put in the time to practice what you’ve learned. Schedule a set time to learn in your planner or join a weekly class. You can practice for as little as 15 minutes; just make sure you practice every day.

Test your skills. Opportunities for improvement are everywhere. Perform poetry at open mic nights. Go to local meetups to practice new languages. When you showcase your progress, other people can give you constructive feedback. The more you test yourself, the faster you improve.

Review your progress. Do weekly reviews on how much you’ve learned. You can see which areas you need to focus on. When you look back to reflect, you can move forward to grow your skills.

Save Money

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Money may not buy you happiness, but it does keep the roof over your head. With these tips, you can save money and watch your wealth grow.

Track your budget. Keep your receipts and review your spending on a weekly basis. That way, you can see your money flow and decide what expenditure to cut back on. An app like Mint can help you organize a budget.

Share the cost. Share special occasion clothes, Netflix, and cellphone plans to lower your overall expense. When you split the bill with friends and family, everybody wins.

Go high-quality. Buying high-quality items like coats and bikes seems counterintuitive since these items tend to be expensive. However, high quality means they’ll last longer. You won’t have to buy them over and over again.

Travel to New Places


Yearning to explore the world but overwhelmed with planning? Make traveling simple with these tips.

Get your passport. Even if you don’t know where to go, it will save the hassle later on. You’ll always be ready for any last-minute trips abroad.

Track cheap flights. Use Google Flights to track your desired traveling dates and periodically check for price changes. That way, you will buy cheaper than average tickets and save money to spend during the trip.

Be flexible. Not everything will fit on your perfect vacation list. Be willing to give up some amenities to fit your budget. Consider cities that never made your top choices. With an open mind, you could travel everywhere.

Enjoy Life to the Fullest


This was the #1 resolution for 2016 in the United States. You might have thought 2016 was boring if you’re making this resolution. To have the best year ever, commit to the following habits.

Treat yourself. Give yourself a spa day to unwind and relax. Splurge on big ticket items.  Treat yourself to a concert, trip, and maybe that Gucci bag. Whatever you choose, it’ll be a gift for the soul.

Take a chance. Did you find yourself saying “I wish I did…” too many times in 2016?  Change your mindset in 2017! When an exciting opportunity comes up, don’t hesitate—say “yes.” Those happy moments will add up to a happy year filled with new experiences.

Spend time with loved ones. You could live minutes away from your loved ones and not see them very often. Take the initiative and invite them to dinner or go on an adventure. Life is better when you’re with the ones you love.

Have a Great 2017!


Some say resolutions are pointless; you’re going to break them anyway. But resolutions help you focus and prepare for the New Year. They may vary, but all resolutions share the same goal: to improve yourself.

It’s okay if you’re not 100% perfect when sticking to your resolution. Even when you encounter road blocks, push on. Remember why you made that resolution and you’ll always stick to it. Good luck with 2017.