Senior Alert Devices are the Perfect Caregiver Companion

medical alert is caregiver companion

Senior alert devices are helpful for all caregivers, whether remote or living in the same home as an elderly family member. Taking care of an elderly parent can be challenging, but the difficulty grows if you live far apart or can never get any respite. In either case, medical alert devices are the perfect complement to caregiving.

The best senior alert systems provide everyone in the family with peace of mind. While they don’t prevent accidents, they can ensure your parent or loved one gets the help they need in the case of an emergency—at any time of the day or night, any day of the year. Whether you live in the same home or thousands of miles away, a PERS (personal emergency response system) can ease some of the stress of assuring responsive, constant care for a loved one.

Finding the Best Senior Button Alarms

Not all alert pendants and bracelets for the elderly are created equal. Alert1 has worked hard to provide members with several options to suit every need, lifestyle, and budget. If you’re a caregiver looking for solutions to ease the caregiving role a bit, consider adding a medical alert to your toolkit. Alert1 button alarms include the following benefits:

·         Circle of Care: You and your loved one can create a personalized Alert1 Circle of Care. This is a pre-determined list of people that will be contacted if the alert button is pressed. Of course, emergency services can always be accessed quickly. Sometimes, a family prefers to be notified first. Our data suggests that three contacts is the optimum number for a loved one to receive immediate help. This can include family members, neighbors, doctors, or friends. Most alert systems only provide access to one pre-determined contact, or they connect directly to emergency services. Senior alert devices from Alert1 give your family options.

·         Monitoring Center Credentials: Our monitoring center agents are experts in the field. We have a UL Listed monitoring center and a TMA 5 Diamond Certified Command Center. We are also Thayer certified, meaning our call center agents have a safe and fair working environment. These details make our staff compassionate and eager to help your parent in an emergency.

·         We Stay on the Line: Unlike most medical alert system companies, our call center agents stay on the line with your loved one until help arrives. We’ve found that this detail provides a sense of comfort and safety for seniors, especially those in the midst of a crisis. If your parent has an accident, you can feel comfortable knowing they’re getting the best care an alert system can provide.

Choosing the Best Alert Device

There are many different types of senior alert devices. Alert1 has an option for every senior lifestyle and budget. If your loved one is active while aging-in-place, consider our on-the-go option with fall detection. If they like to spend most of their time in the home or backyard, an in-the-home option will suit their needs. Plus, Alert1 provides several different wearing options, including wristbands, pendants, and belt-clip holsters.

Fall Alert Devices

Medical alert systems with fall detection are for seniors and others looking for the security of knowing that assistance is always on stand-by. They keep folks within reach of help whenever and however they need it.

Who Uses Alert Systems with Fall Detection?

Lots of people use fall alert devices. Everyone from teenagers to seniors, the physically active to the mobility impaired, can benefit from a fall alert device, including:

·         Young people with seizure disorders.

·         Visually impaired people.

·         Seniors who like to go for hikes and bike rides.

·         People with severe allergies that cause anaphylaxis.

·         People with mobility impairments.

·         Seniors who like to drive and run errands.

·         Seniors who work active jobs.

·         People who live alone.

A 2015 study on older adults’ perceptions of fall detection devices found that participants overwhelmingly approved of the devices. The research concluded that elderly people felt positively about these devices because they support increased independence. The study also found that most participants preferred devices that could automatically detect falls and keep track of their location. Alert1 alert pendants offer those features.

Fall Alert Devices Keep You Safe

Fall alert devices have built-in sensors that can detect falls. Unfortunately, many seniors don’t recognize their need for a fall alert system until they have an emergency and experience a traumatic event. Investing in a fall detection device before an accident occurs is a wise decision. Alert1 medical alert systems start at under $20 a month for a full month of service, so they are very affordable.

Systems from Alert1 are designed to suit every senior lifestyle – from the outdoor fitness enthusiast to the comfortable homebody. Our systems are discreet and easy to use. Members can choose to wear their devices as pendants, wristbands, or on belt-clips. Fall alert features are available for every senior. Alert1 can help find the best medical alert for you.

How Much Does a Medical Emergency Alert System for the Elderly Cost?

A medical emergency alert system is an amazing tool for senior safety. Unfortunately, many folks don’t realize there are devices within their budgets. Most healthcare plans, including Medicare, do not include funding or coverage for medical alert systems. Seniors may forego these devices without realizing that a basic, in-home system costs less than $20/month. Button alarms are especially perfect for those seniors who are aging-in-place.

Find Freedom and Flexibility with Alert1

Alert1 offers some of the best price alert pendants in the industry, and our medical alerts are affordable.

·         Our devices are affordable. Some alert system companies charge exorbitant rates for a simple alert system. We are different. Our price points reflect the technology required to get help in an emergency. Our in-the-home system is under $20 per month, and our on-the-go systems are priced slightly higher. Still, our most expensive alert system option is more affordable than basic options from other providers.

·         We won’t lock you into a contract. Some of the most well-known alert system companies require users to sign 36-month contracts. Many seniors struggle with this. It can be difficult to predict expenses and lifestyle changes. As a result, long-term contracts are often a major inconvenience. Alert1 is different. We will never lock you into a contract.

·         Only pay for what you need. Not everybody needs an on-the-go device, and not everybody needs fall detection. Our options allow users to tailor their devices to their specific needs and budget.

A Medical Alert System for Every Budget

If you’re interested in trying a medical emergency alert system, we can help. Our range of medical alert devices ensures we have a device that can comfortably fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Fall Alert Systems for Seniors Can Complement Home Health Care

Fall alert systems for seniors are a practical purchase for most people. In the grand scheme of elder care, this is often the most affordable and accessible option. For a low monthly fee, users have access to 24/7 monitoring and emergency care, as well as added peace of mind. For this reason, alert systems are generally more pragmatic than other types of senior care.

Your senior health and care decision should rely on your individual needs. That said, we encourage all seniors to consider medical alert systems, especially those who are mobile and choosing to age-in-place. These devices are very affordable and perfectly complement services like home health aides, visiting nurses, and assisted living communities. If you’re choosing to age-in-place, fall alert systems can help you do so comfortably.

Understanding Medical Alert System Costs

In the world of elder care, fall alert systems for seniors are amongst the most affordable types of care available. But if you’ve never looked into alert systems before, you might not have the context required to appreciate the low cost. For some perspective, the average home health aid charged around $22 per hour in 2019. Our in-the-home systems only cost around $20 per month. That price increases slightly for those who add fall detection. Still, for less than one to two hours of a home health aid’s cost, Alert1 members have access to unlimited button pushes and 24/7 monitoring for an entire month.

Last year, the average cost of a private room in a nursing home was over $8,000 per month. Even independent senior living communities, which don’t often provide medical services, can cost upwards of $4,000 each month. Those who use Alert1 fall alert systems for seniors would need to have their devices for 11 to 23 years to match the cost of one month in an assisted living facility!

If your loved one is choosing to age-in-place, fall alert systems are a great option. This can be an accessible and cost-effective step toward a healthy and happy senior life.

Alert1 Fall Alert Systems for Seniors

Alert1 provides a range of emergency alert devices to suit every senior lifestyle. No matter how you like to live, we have a medical alert system that can fit seamlessly into your life – all for a low, cost-friendly rate. Plus, with no contracts required and flexible payment options, we provide one of the best price medical alert systems available.