Summer Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

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Most people associate falling with the winter because it is icy and wet outside. However, the summertime potentially poses just as many hazards for those prone to falling because of the higher level of outdoor activity in the nice weather.

Falls: Common and Costly

Falls are a common way to injure oneself, and can happen to anyone; however, in Americans who are 65 and older, they are more common and even more costly. In 2018, due to falls, adults aged 65 and older had an estimated 3 million emergency room visits and over 950,000 hospitalizations.1 The fear of falling can hold people back from the activities they love to do, but that fear can be addressed and set to ease with modern day technology like Alert1’s medical alert systems. Alert1 offers personal alarms with built-in fall detection technology that senses falls and automatically alerts our emergency responders if a fall does happen and we will send help fast.


According to the CDC, one out of four senior citizens will fall each year in the United States.1 This makes fall prevention and detection a public health concern. If you or your loved ones are troubled by these concerning statistics, Alert1’s in-home and mobile personal medical alarms with built-in fall detection technology can bring peace of mind and protection in the event of a slip, trip, or fall.


The CDC states that over 10,000 people turn 65 or older each day and that there are over 8 million falls that require medical attention or limit a senior’s activity for at least a day. For active seniors who like to enjoy the summer sun, this may be alarming. Seniors should maintain a healthy exercise regimen that may include biking, walking, running, kayaking and other fun activities, but they should take some extra precautions. One simple precaution for active seniors to take is to get an on-the-go medical alert system. With optional features such as built-in GPS and fall detection technology, help is always on stand-by.

Fall Prevention in the Summer

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For seniors, 67% of falls happen when they slip or trip, not when they are up high or in an unsafe area.2

Summer is time for open-toed shoes or flip-flops, but if you or your loved one is a fall-risk, snug fitting shoes are a much better match. Tennis shoes or sandals that have straps and are enclosed are a better summer alternative.


The summer heat is hard to beat, and loose clothing seems like a good way to keep cool, but baggy clothing can snag or catch, and potentially cause a fall. Clothing that is too flowy can catch on a nail, door frame or hand railing. Instead of super flowy, loose clothing, seniors should opt for light clothing made of natural, breathable fibers like cotton to keep cool.


Other fall hazards that come with the summer sun can occur outside while having fun. Seniors may want to hit up the pool or beach to beat the heat, but they must be careful of wet or uneven surfaces. A pool deck may get wet and become slippery. The beach can be uneven terrain. Care is necessary when navigating these areas. Alert1 medical alert buttons are waterproof and are the perfect companion when having fun at the pool or down the shore.

Exercise to Prevent Falls

Exercise for seniors is always a good idea and, in the summer, it is easier to get up and go! However, being more active may pose a greater risk for falling. Exercises like yoga or Tai Chi help the legs grow stronger and will help improve one’s balance. Other activities like biking or kayaking require a bit more strength and stamina, but carry their own set of health benefits.


The summer sun beckons people to get on their bikes, and this includes seniors. Biking is generally considered safe for seniors and in a recent survey in the United States, nearly 30% of new riders are seniors, and 31% of all registrations for biking events were made by seniors. 3


Biking is a low-impact and stress-free activity which is great in pleasant weather. It is an exercise that shouldn’t cause over-exertion and is less likely to lead to heat exhaustion. If you are biking alone or prefer to have security and peace of mind while enjoying the great outdoors, a personal medical alarm can offer protection and confidence.


Some biking health and safety tips include: 3

·         Take your time getting ready to bike by warming up and stretching

·         Plan out your route ahead of time

·         Be aware that your reflexes may be a bit slower

·         Have the proper equipment, including a helmet

·         If you are in a group, don’t over-exert to keep up. Stay at your comfortable pace.

·         Learn the proper hand signals for turning

·         If you must stop, make sure you are far off the road

·         If possible, ride with a buddy


There are also easy steps to take to make sure seniors remain fall-free and safe while outdoors this summer. Some of these preventative measures are: 4

·         Slip-proof soles on shoes

·         Make sure all decks and yards are even

·         Don’t decorate with throw rugs on decks, in doorways and on patios, as these may cause trips and falls

·         Install sturdy railings in hazardous areas

·         Any outdoor areas should be well lit

Your Essential Summer Checklist

Your summer check list should include a good hat, sun block with SPF of 30+, water, flashlight, umbrella, list of current medications, copy of insurance cards, and a first aid kit. 4 This emergency kit and an Alert1 personal alarm system will help any senior enjoy the sun and all the activities the summer season brings!

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