This One Device Changed My Life

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Alert1 member Dale, who says that his Alert1 mobile medical alert changed his life. With PAX Plus, he is living his golden years to the fullest. Dale claims that if it wasn't for Alert1, he wouldn't be aging as well as he is today.

Dale stated, “It’s not often that at my age something can improve my lifestyle so drastically, but with Alert1 this one device changed my life. Ever since I got a medical alert, I’ve never looked back.” Read on to learn about why Dale loves his medical alert, and how it changed his life.

He Now Ages in Place with Peace of Mind


The first way that a medical alert changed Dale’s life is that it allowed him to age in place. Alert1 defines aging in place as maintaining your independence while living in your own home. With an Alert1 medical alert, Dale was able to live in his house safer than ever before.

Dale said what he loves most about his medical alert is the peace of mind he feels. He said, “It’s scary living at home alone. Knowing that help from Alert1 will always be a button press away gives me the security and tranquility to live an easy life.”

It is Alert1’s CSAA 5-Diamond Certified Command Center that makes Dale feel so safe. The operator who answers both notifies responders and stays on the line every step of the way until help arrives. The operators is always prepared to help members stay calm as they wait for help to arrive.

Dale also loves his medical alert because he has a personalized list of responders in his Circle of Care. Alert1’s Circle of Care is the list of people we contact when you press the emergency help button, or when a fall is detected. Dale said, “With Alert1’s Command Center and Circle of Care, I know emergency responders will be called in the order I prefer. My family will be notified first, and EMS won’t be called unless I really need them. This means I can save money, and still receive the help I need.”

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He Can Travel Anywhere Without Worry


Dale loves that his mobile unit’s protection range doesn’t limit him to the confines of his home. The range of PAX Plus’ fall detection technology works near or far, so he is able to take it with him anywhere in the United States. Whether Dale wants to go for a walk in the park or go on a vacation, he is protected. Dale told us that traveling is his hobby, and loves that his mobile pendant could keep him safe even on all of his travels.

So what did Dale do? He took a vacation to Hawaii to experience all it’s beautiful scenery, knowing his protection would not be compromised. Dale stated, “What better way to enjoy my retirement than by going to Hawaii? As long as I have my Alert1 pendant with me, I’m safe and protected for whatever may happen.”

Alert1’s GPS technology assures him that he can always be located, no matter where he is. When PAX Plus detects a fall or the button is pressed, the operator will send EMS help to him. No matter where Dale decides to go, he can always be found during an emergency. Even if he travels far from home to a place like Hawaii.

His Family Loves His Medical Alert Too

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Ever since Dale purchased a medical alert from Alert1, his family has peace of mind about his safety as well. In the past his family would constantly check up on him, which he didn’t like very much. But not anymore! Now Dale’s family no longer constantly checks up on him, and still knows if he’s safe or not.

Since his nearby family member are his first responders when he falls or presses his help button, they are always in the loop of his safety. If anything were to happen, they would be notified. It’s a win-win situation for Dale and his family. Dale gets to live independently without the hassle of constant checkups, while his family gets to continue with their busy lives.

Dale’s family also loves how much money they have saved because of the medical alert. As Dale grew older, his family was interested in sending him to an elderly home. But this was something he was opposed to, so he suggested getting a medical alert. Dale’s family cannot believe how affordable the medical alert service is when compared to assisted living.

Now that he’s had his medical alert for a while, he and his family love it. Dale continues to live peacefully in his lifelong home, safely and independently. His family saves money that would have gone to assisted living, while still having the peace of mind that Dale is in good hands at all times. 

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Alert1 Can Change Your Life Too

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Alert1 medical alerts can make the life of any senior better. Dale’s story is just one example of how a single device can provide so many benefits to your lifestyle and wellbeing. Aging should be a time of relaxation and leisure, not fear and distress. Get an Alert1 medical alert today to start aging in place and see how it can change your life too!

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